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5 Awesome Interactive Ideas for Increased Engagement

At experiential marketing events, an engaging environment is crucial for businesses to effectively showcase their products, services, and brand identity. A trade show exhibit that attracts and retains visitors and creates a memorable impression is the first step to reaching program goals and corporate success. The significance of interactive elements to these types of events cannot be overstated. Interactive elements, such as hands-on demonstrations, games, touchscreens, and virtual reality experiences, provide an immersive experience for attendees. Consider these audience engagement ideas to attract attention, create memorable experiences, increase interaction, and maximize your overall impact at your next event.

What Makes a Good Event Exhibit?

A good event environment incorporates several key elements, including Smart Design, experiential marketing, and audience-centric targeting. Let’s explore ideas to attract visitors and consider unique avenues for increasing your brand’s engagement. Each of these aspects plays a significant role in creating impact and success:


Design matters for a program because it is brand-focused and visually communicates targeted identity, values, and message to the audience. A well-designed environment creates a professional and visually appealing space that will effectively capture the attention of your target audience, promote interaction, and leave a lasting impression. Important aspects of designing a strong trade show presence include layout, signage, graphics, lighting, color schemes, and overall aesthetics to ensure cohesiveness and alignment with the brand’s image.

Experiential Marketing

Engaging experiences within the exhibit can have a profound impact on visitors. Experiential marketing engages attendees on a sensory or emotional level, allowing them to connect with the brand in a memorable and meaningful way. This can involve booth activity ideas such as interactive displays, demonstrations, virtual reality experiences, hands-on engagement, or product trials. By immersing attendees in the world of your brand, experiential marketing creates a deeper engagement and fosters positive brand associations.

Audience-centric Targeting

Effective experiential marketing understands the importance of catering to the needs and interests of the target audience. A targeted approach ensures that the exhibit’s design, messaging, and interactive elements align with both the preferences and pain points of the attendees. By tailoring the experience to the specific audience, businesses can create a more personalized and relevant encounter, increasing the likelihood of attracting and retaining the right visitors who are potential customers.

5 Interactive Trade Show Ideas to Attract Visitors

High-Tech Trade Show Spectacles

Cutting-edge technology has a significant impact on booth engagement, enhancing the overall experience and leaving a lasting impression on attendees. By incorporating fully functioning commercial and residential garage doors, Genie provided a hands-on and interactive experience for attendees. The inclusion of a dedicated space for training sessions with installers and dealers also demonstrated Genie’s commitment to educating its target audience. Similarly, the Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions minimized product displays and instead shifted to using high-quality technology to demonstrate comprehensive solutions to customers’ day-to-day challenges. Toshiba’s interactive design involved multiple projectors mounted above the exhibit, allowing for the projection of animations onto the graphic walls. When triggered by touch, the animations would come to life, captivating attendees and providing a dynamic visual experience.

Weaving an Interactive Brand Story

While high-tech features can certainly enhance the engagement and impact of a trade show exhibit, it is important to recognize that they are not always necessary. Regardless of the level of technology used, the power of storytelling remains a crucial element in captivating visitors. By showcasing the product journey through interactive displays, companies can take visitors on a narrative journey that engages their emotions and helps them connect with the brand and its offerings on a deeper level. Through Unifi’s interactive exhibit design, the visual aspect of storytelling included high-quality graphics, animations, and videos that illustrated the recycling process step-by-step.

Hospitality-Driven Experiences

Providing hospitality and a welcoming atmosphere can have a significant impact on visitor experience and overall engagement. Offering comfortable seating options allows attendees to rest, relax, and engage with the exhibit’s content in a more comfortable manner. The demeanor and expertise of booth staff play a crucial role in creating a welcoming atmosphere. Friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable staff members who greet visitors with a smile and actively engage in conversations can make attendees feel comfortable and encourage them to explore the company’s offerings.  Jet Aviation emphasized the company’s strong commitment to relationships and hospitality with a double-deck booth, including a comfortable café.

Entertainment-Focused Ideas: Adding a Fun Twist

Entertainment elements can significantly increase engagement by capturing attention, generating buzz, and attracting crowds. Incorporating entertaining experiences into an exhibit creates a dynamic and memorable environment, enhancing the overall engagement of attendees. Unique and eye-catching entertainment can draw attendees from across the trade show floor, piquing their curiosity and encouraging them to explore the booth further. Entertaining activities also create a buzz and generate excitement around the booth. The AGCO Zombie Cow environment was custom-designed and featured an in-booth escape room to reach their target audience.

Strong Trade Show Visuals That Pull Audiences

Visually appealing designs have a significant impact on engaging visitors and instilling a strong brand image. A visually appealing design creates a memorable first impression, increasing the likelihood of engagement and interaction with visitors. Visual elements, including colors, imagery, typography, and overall aesthetics, also play a crucial role in conveying the brand’s personality and creating a cohesive brand image. A well-designed exhibit that aligns with the brand’s identity helps visitors connect with the brand, understand its values, and build positive associations with its offerings. In a competitive trade show environment, visually appealing designs can help a brand stand out and differentiate itself from competitors. Custom island exhibits, which typically offer larger spaces and unique configurations, provide an opportunity to make a strong visual statement. These environments allow for creative design elements, impactful visuals, and eye-catching structures that draw attention and set the brand apart from the surrounding exhibits.

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