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Marketing that immerses

In today’s digital age, people want authentic connection. Meet that desire with our creative, experiential marketing services at Exhibitus. With so much market saturation of products and services, it can be challenging to stand out. Brands that utilize engagement marketing facilitate outstanding customer experiences that stand out from the crowd.

So, what exactly is experiential marketing, and why does it matter? Our team at Exhibitus breaks down its advantages and how to incorporate memorable experiences for your customers across digital and real-world platforms for maximum brand exposure.

The important of experiential marketing. Experiential marketing, also known as engagement marketing, refers to a specific marketing strategy where a customer engages with a product or brand in a tangible, and sometimes immersive, way. Studies have shown that customers can emotionally connect with the brand through engaging activities at live and virtual events. Brand experiences create a natural way to market your products & services by connecting and/or captivating your audience. This can be as intricate as custom set design, or as simple as a face-to-face encounter.

Experiential marketing creates opportunities for personalized engagement and physical interaction with your brand. The more positive touchpoints your customers experience with your brand, the greater the likelihood of earning their loyalty and business. The advantages of face-to-face interaction are also an underutilized marketing tactic for businesses in today’s digital age.

Experiential Marketing Services At Exhibitus

At Exhibitus, we create customized and memorable experiential marketing solutions that will resonate with your target demographic. Customers who positively interact with your brand will want to share their experiences with others. We work with you to help connect your brand with positive interactions and help spread vision and recognition for your brand. Exhibitus will create memorable brand engagement opportunities that match your goals and your customers’ interests. We will help you effectively communicate the type of value you provide to your new and existing customers and engage with them in unique and powerful ways.

Our experiential marketing services incorporate experiences that engage the five senses for maximum connection and impact with your customers. The more you know about your audience, the better you can engage them in a sensory experience that will continue to remind them of your brand in the future.

Connect with your current customers by meeting them where they are at places such as conference exhibitions, trade shows, user conferences, industry expos, and product launches. Foster customer loyalty by meeting your audience in their natural world and offering unexpected opportunities to engage with your brand. Going to your audience can also lead to new customer acquisition as you engage with attendees with similar interests as your loyal customers. Face-to-face connections with customers provides plenty of opportunities for real-time moments to inspire and engage people with your brand. In our highly digital world, live experiences offer unique opportunities for customers to interact with your brand in person and make personalized connections with friendly faces.

At Exhibitus, we offer experiential marketing strategies that will resonate with your customers even after the event. Experiential marketing campaigns can integrate seamlessly with live events to drive social engagement in person and across multiple platforms.

Digital design and virtual experiences can also create and enhance an immersive brand experience for your audience. We develop customized experiential marketing campaigns that offer the maximum impact in hybrid situations and virtual events. Engagement marketing with Exhibitus provides an alternative marketing model that still meets your goals for dynamic branded experiences with customers old and new.

We will help you connect with customers using unique and dynamic experiences at live events, installations, trade shows, and product rollouts. Our innovative approach to customer experiences allows for deep emotional connections between your customer and the brand. Learn how to involve your customers in your brand’s story and implement a cross-channel marketing plan to reach the maximum number of people with positive experiences.

Increase Brand Recognition

With engagement marketing

Experiential marketing provides you with the opportunity to build your brand while increasing recognition and engagement all at the same time. Consumers enjoy knowing they are part of the process and make stronger connections when they feel the experience is authentic.

Exhibitus will develop an effective marketing strategy that increases brand awareness where you can depend on customer loyalty to choose your brand over another. In fact, many consumer decisions happen subconsciously, so the more experiences they have with your brand, the more likely it is to stay at the forefront of their mind. This encourages repeated purchases or use of services that help propel your brand forward and increase your chances for additional exposure through social networks and traditional word of mouth. We help consumers connect with your brand on a deeper level by telling your brand’s story and linking it to what you want your customers to experience.