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Crafting Brand Experiences Unleash the value of your brand. Create memories that carry the sound of moments that linger. No matter the path, visual, audio or touch – or all the above, Exhibitus crafts experiences that take memories beyond brand recognition to exhilarating loyalty.  You set goals. Our creatives design. Our craftsmen make it happen. Together, we bring the right noise to every strategic stage.

You have permission to make noise when you’re

How we do Diligence

“Working with the Results Division on the KNAPP metrics program, we verified that brand awareness for Knapp has improved our ranking from 5th into the Top 3 within a 2-year timeframe. Shows were once scrutinized, but the scrutiny has turned to accolades and these events are now the driving factor for our increased brand awareness. We’ve expanded our program schedule because we’ve proven that shows are simply WORKING!”

Kevin Reader
Vice President – Marketing

“Our partner, Exhibitus, anticipates what we need from objective-setting and storytelling to compelling design and engagement strategies that inspire our audience to act.  It is a joy to work with such a dedicated and talented experiential marketing company!  The Exhibitus team does a wonderful job putting in extra time and effort, which made the experience a worthwhile investment.”

Vernon Jones
Marketing & Promotions Manager

Together, let’s make some noise.

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