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Design does matter- and collaboration is where it starts. Together, we’ll create an experience that wows your audience. The payoffs? Juicier opportunities, actionable data and accolades for a job well done.

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Guiding a trade show program is enough to make your head spin. But there is a simple solution. You are our priority. Together we march forward, with no dizziness in sight.

Working with the Results Division on the Knapp metrics program, we verified that brand awareness for Knapp has improved our ranking from 5th into the Top 3 within the past 2 years. Shows were once scrutinized, but the scrutiny has turned to accolades and these events are now the driving factor for our increased brand awareness. We’re now expanding our program schedule because we can prove that shows are simply WORKING!

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Unsurpassed Quality and Execution

Your Brand. Our Craftsmanship.

Our Production floor is an artist’s studio. Our master carpenters balance beauty and precision with efficient delivery. When the paint dries, we’ve also maximized your bottom line.

So, what does all this really mean? Simply put – your success, our passion.

Undoubtedly, a custom trade show booth design sets you apart from the competition. The challenge is finding the right design house to execute what you want while staying in budget. No matter how simple or complex your company, we will craft a display that shows off your branding, leaves a memorable impression, and produces results. Bring your ideas to the designers and master engineers at Exhibitus. Let’s collaborate to build an exhibit that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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