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Superior Island Exhibits

Make a statement

Island exhibits are specially designed environments that offer an immersive experience for trade show attendees. Stand out on the floor, both structurally and graphically, with a custom island exhibit.

What we provide

Our custom island exhibits bring a multitude of opportunities, such as new relationships, brand visibility and awareness, and industry exposure. We understand that our clients want to differentiate themselves from competitors, which is why we undertake the ‘Smart Design’ process to create effective custom island exhibits.


Design and performance are two of the most important factors when it comes to investing in an exhibit. That’s why we always encourage integrating technology into your display: both to enhance the look and help you track your brand’s performance afterwards.

While simple banners and signage bring marketing value, there are more effective ways to make a statement. Island exhibits can be structurally manipulated to include meeting rooms, demonstration areas, and even merchandise counters. They can also include self-guided digital tours, hands-on demonstrations and monitors that flash your brand’s products and messages. You’ll love having a custom space that increases activity in the sales funnel.

Why Exhibitus

At Exhibitus, our collaborative ‘Smart Design’ process involves our experienced creative and marketing teams collaborating with your team’s vision. The result? Visually refreshing exhibits that build an emotional connection between your brand and your potential customers.

By choosing Exhibitus, you gain the services of award-winning design and consultation teams. We always strive to understand your marketing objectives and vision, which inform the island concepts designed for you. After the initial prototype, we include your feedback to improve upon and render a final exhibit that serves as a beacon on a packed trade show floor. When you’re looking for a custom trade show island design, choose Exhibitus.