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4 Ways Rented Booth Design Elements Can Increase Engagement

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4 Ways Rented Booth Design Elements Can Increase Engagement

Trade Show Display Rentals User Engagement on Touch Screen | ExhibitusWhen exhibiting at a trade show, your booth’s design should capture the attention and facilitate the engagement of your target audience. This principle is the same for both purchased exhibits and trade show booth rentals.

Renting a display has many advantages beyond a lower initial price point. In today’s world, companies often find that their marketing strategy will evolve over time, or at a minimum be  refined to meet the ever changing demands of a target market.  Rental displays can be  easily customized with the most up-to-date messaging and aesthetics of your brand’s identity.

Rentals can also give you greater flexibility in design elements. This allows you to experiment and identify what works best to drive engagement on the trade show floor. Engagement is crucial for a positive trade show experience with your targeted audience. Without it, your booth staff will will struggle with keeping people interested and gaining potential prospects.

The following are four ways the design of your rented booth can contribute to your success on the trade show floor.

1. Make a Lasting First Impression

Design plays a critical role in one’s first impression of your business. Take advantage of your vertical space to stand out in the sea of exhibits.

Consider using eye-catching elements such as archways, towers, hanging structures and perspective artwork. Once you’ve caught their attention from afar to lead prospects to you, keep them in your booth with other engaging design elements.

2. Let Them Interact

Trade show attendees are more inclined to remember your business when the experience is interactive. This generates interest while helping prospects understand your company’s value proposition.

Touch screens are a great way to display what your business has to offer. If size and function permits, create opportunities for interactive product demos based on how your customers use your offerings. Utilize technology to create a game or a contest that revolves around attendees inspecting, using or answering questions about your product or service so that key takeaways are more memorable.

3. Take Them on a Journey

Take trade show attendees on a journey through how your products or services offer solutions to their problems.

Conductive ink technology can turn various surfaces, like walls and display boards, into live circuits that host a variety of digital interactions. When attendees touch an element, it triggers a series of actions within the circuitry that can be both audible and/or visual reactions.

This creates a story map for attendees to follow. They touch an area on the wall of your display, and animations tell the story of how your products or services meet their needs.

4. There’s an App for That

It’s not always possible to exhibit all the products your company offers. As an alternative, integrate tablets or touchscreens into your design environment. They can be used to host an app that allows visitors to engage with the full scope of your portfolio or to narrow down the selection to what interests them the most.

Collect information on the attendee’s experience for further follow-up. You can use the data you collect to contact the participant’s office and provide detailed information about the various products they utilized.

Design for Engagement

With Exhibitus, your rental is more than just an attractive booth. We work with you through the design process, ensuring your rental exhibit is customized to your brand, message and products.

Ready to get started with your trade show display rental? Contact Exhibitus or call 800.770.4392 today.