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3 Trade Show Engagement Opportunities You’re Ignoring

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3 Trade Show Engagement Opportunities You’re Ignoring

Trade Show Design RFID Tag | ExhibitusExhibiting at a trade show puts you in front of existing and potential customers. In order to connect with attendees, you need an engaging, innovative trade show booth design. Without engagement opportunities for your executives and staff, the time and money you’ve spent preparing for the trade show will go to waste.

Face-to-face interactions lay the groundwork to build trust, understanding and brand loyalty.  Product displays and demos are no longer enough to entice attendees. The following are three trade show engagement opportunities you may be missing.

1. Open with an Opinion Question

The goal of your trade show exhibit is connecting with qualified leads, not just ticking off badge scans. A surefire way to know if an attendee is right for your business is by asking an opinion question.

A generic, open question like, “Can you answer a question for me?” is a good place to start. Then, ask a question relevant to your industry or specific service to solicit their opinion.

For example, imagine a company that provides software solutions for retail stores. A booth staff member could ask, “What do you think is the most significant issue stores face when providing a seamless checkout experience?” Their answer will help the company identify how much they know about the subject, and if your solution might be relevant to their needs.

2. Use Interactive Storytelling

Storytelling in the business world helps your company’s message resonate in the mind of an attendee. It’s a shift away from describing your products and services in favor of offering solutions for customers’ challenges.

Interactive displays are a great way to take attendees on a journey. Be sure that you have support for the underlying technology close at hand and that your booth staff can expertly demonstrate the engagement and answer any questions about the story you are relating.

This ensures that every stage of the storytelling journey is clearly explained, that your brand messages are understood, and that the experience is a memorable one.

3. Create a Hands-On Experience

Tactile learning utilizes touch and physical movement to foster curiosity and understanding. As such, you can bring the details to life with engaging, hands-on experiences.

When products or services are interactive, people will stay at your booth longer. Radio-frequency identification, or RFID, can be integrated into your display to create tactile experiences.

RFID technology can create an interactive environment between a graphic display and movable objects, such as pucks or discs. When attendees move the disc, the RFID chip inside will read information on the RFID tag in the corresponding graphic. This allows prospects to easily visualize how your services work and the benefits they provide.

Design for Success

A successful trade show experience depends on the engaging qualities of the booth and staff. At Exhibitus, we create custom designs that are based on the principles of empathy, collaboration and human behavior. The end result is a trade show exhibit that helps you effectively engage with your customers and prospects.

Ready to attract more attendees in the exhibit environment? Contact Exhibitus today at 800.770.4392.