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7 Ways to Use Video to Improve Booth Engagement

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7 Ways to Use Video to Improve Booth Engagement

Trade Show Design Video Player | ExhibitusTrade show exhibits have evolved past the simplicity of a few tables, chipper sales representatives and a stack of brochures. In order to engage the audience and create memorable experiences, exhibitors have to embrace technology.

Are you looking for ways to improve booth engagement and achieve stronger sales results? Incorporating video into your trade show booth design is a great way to attract and engage exhibit attendees. Here are seven ways you can use video to make an impact at your next trade show.

1. Create Pre-Show Buzz

Pre-show videos act as a personal invitation to let attendees know where to find you on the exhibit floor. Let people know what they can expect when they visit your booth, but be sure to not give away all the details.

It’s important to include the show’s name and your booth number in the video. You can email the video link to your current client list and pre-registered event attendees to get them excited about your presence.  You can also feature it on your website, promoting the upcoming show.

2. Live Stream During the Show

Live streaming your video enhances viewer interest and sparks their fear of missing out. Publicize contests, giveaways or other promotions you’re offering to encourage attendees to make their way over to your booth.

3. Capture the Action

Product demonstrations are staples on the trade show floor, but seeing them in the right context is even better. Take your attendee experience a step further by showing real life video footage of your product in action.

4. Mix It Up

Your booth’s video will be played on loop throughout the day, so structure it carefully. A video that’s too short will drive both booth staff and visitors to frustration. If it’s too long, people will get bored and move on. Strive for a video that’s around 5 minutes long, with multiple segments that change style and pace.

5. Visuals Over Voice

Keep in mind that trade shows can get loud, drowning out the narration in your booth’s video. If you have a dedicated conference area for engaged attendees, video with voice will work well. If you’re in the thick of the exhibit hall, prioritize text and graphics to visually communicate your message. When done correctly, your video footage will communicate effectively whether or not you can hear the sound.

6. Show Your Product’s Life Cycle

Whether you choose animations or live footage, showing how new products are developed and brought to market is always interesting. Use video to walk attendees from research & development to testing, logistics and manufacturing.  Also, showing a satisfied customer using your solution is an opportunity to highlight additional product capabilities, not to mention a notable customer reference for prospects considering purchase.

7. Post-Show Marketing

Video engagement doesn’t stop when the exhibit is over. Edit any footage you took during the event to use as a video recap to send to your booth attendees as a follow up. Also, review this for potential content for future marketing activities.

Regardless of your budget or needs, Exhibitus specializes in custom trade show designs. By collaborating with us, you can maximize your trade show ROI and improve booth engagement. To learn more about our services, contact us or call 800-770-4392 today.