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Can Simple Storytelling Increase Engagement?

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Can Simple Storytelling Increase Engagement?

Trade Show ROI People Brainstorming for Storytelling | ExhibitusStories are everywhere, from books to brunch conversations to blockbuster movies. They’re one of the most effective ways to connect with people, even when it comes to custom trade show exhibits.

Companies looking to boost their trade show ROI can do so using proven storytelling tactics. By creating a shared experience, your brand messaging has a greater potential of staying top of mind for those targeted attendees.

If you’re looking to increase engagement at your next trade show, try telling them a story. Here’s how it works.

Shift to Empathy

Marketing tactics are continuing to evolve. In the past, the primary goal was to tell people about your company and its products. Today, marketers take a more collaborative approach. Now, it’s about understanding the entire journey — from the decision to purchase and beyond.

Telling your brand’s story starts with learning about what customers and prospects need. What are they trying to accomplish? What pain points need to be addressed?

This information helps a company develop empathy for their target audience. As a result, they can market products and services based on benefits rather than features. This personalizes the customer experience and helps them understand how that company can help solve their business issues.

Take Them on a Journey

No matter the industry, people are looking for a seamless customer experience when they interact with a company. They want a smooth buying process, clear product information and a high level of personalization.

When it comes to trade show exhibits, interactive engagements take prospects on a journey. Information and recommendations can be accessed at the touch of a button.

A new advancement making waves is conductive ink technology. It allows a variety of surfaces to become live circuits that digitally display product usage scenarios.   As a result, a simple touch can activate audial and visual reactions.

As prospects move through the interactive section of a trade show booth, company representatives have the opportunity to provide additional information, explain features and benefits, and answer questions. The conversational, interactive element is just another part of the storytelling experience.

Inspire Your Audience

Stories are a great way to motivate prospects to take action. When they feel inspired, they feel confident in their choices. Look for ways to inspire and generate an emotional response. By giving the audience something that matters to them, they’re more likely to stay engaged with your message.

If you’re not sure where to start, go back to the basics. Do clients or coworkers have engaging stories to tell about your brand? Is there a unique or interesting process for your product or service? The best stories are a blend of education and engagement.

Success by Design

There’s a story in everything. The design experts at Exhibitus can help you find it. We’re also the only custom design house with a dedicated Results Division. This helps achieve meaningful metrics that drive future strategy.

Ready to increase engagement through simple storytelling? Contact us today at 800.770.4392 to get started.