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Preventing Trade Show “Technical Difficulties”

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Preventing Trade Show “Technical Difficulties”

Preventing Trade Show “Technical Difficulties” | Exhibitus

There are a few things that can make or break a trade show event, and technical difficulties lead the way in unexpected setbacks. Unfortunately, the best trade show booth design won’t make the impact you’ve worked hard to achieve if your images won’t display on the monitor, the sound isn’t working or you can’t connect to the Wi-Fi.

A disastrous trade show experience reflects poorly on the company, and can result in lost leads, poor trade show ROI, and a whole lot of stress and confusion on the show floor for you, your staff and your executive team.  Use these tips to avoid technical difficulties that can derail your trade show experience.

Prep the Devices

Make sure that all of your devices are charged before the trade show event, and bring extra chargers with you to the trade show floor. Tablets, cameras, smartphones and laptops all lose power at different rates, and you don’t want to be just a couple hours into the day when you can’t use devices in your presentation.

Test Your Technology

Your content should be prepared ahead of the show and tested out on the technology you intend to use at the event. Anything in your booth that uses power should be tested. This includes screens, devices, audio, lights or any moving parts of your engagement experience.

Establish Your Internet Connection

Don’t count on having flawless Wi-Fi access at the event. Otherwise, you run the risk of realizing that your booth is in a location with an unstable connection or where the Wi-Fi signal doesn’t reach. Do your research beforehand, and prepare standalone content to use in the event of unexpected issues. If Wi-Fi isn’t available or is unreliable, have a fallback plan of using hotspots or Ethernet-wired access.

Bring Backups

A little planning goes a long way in avoiding embarrassing technical difficulties. A flash drive lets you directly connect your content to a TV or projection screen. Bring extra USB and HDMI cables so you can hook up laptops directly to monitors.

Work with an AV Specialist

It’s wise to have someone on exhibitus’ trade show services team who’s familiar with how the technical components of your exhibit operate. There are basic troubleshooting tricks anyone can master, such as unplugging power cords and USB cables. However, an AV specialist can step in if something goes completely wrong, helping you avoid embarrassing trade show setbacks.

Write Down Important Information

Empower your staffers to navigate issues that can occur on the trade show floor. Let them know what content will be played on which device, and provide written instructions on how to operate electronics. You should also give them troubleshooting tips for issues they may experience, such as lost internet connection or difficulty connecting devices to display screens.

Planning and advance preparation will help your trade show event experience minimal technical difficulties. And don’t forget to hold booth staff training before the show opens so that everyone has the information they need to immediately address any issues.

Exhibitus specializes in custom trade show designs, as well as services that train and support your staff on and off the trade show floor. We can help you generate leads and maximize your trade show ROI. To learn more about our services, contact us at 800-770-4392 today.