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Using Social Media Stories for Trade Show Engagement

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Using Social Media Stories for Trade Show Engagement

Kids on Laptops Trade Show Design | ExhibitusAn alluring trade show booth design is the first step in gaining awareness of your company at an event. However, there are other factors that need to be considered to ensure success.

Interactive exhibit designs are one of the most effective ways to attract  your target audience.  However, many of these are based on costly technology. Even if you are fortunate enough to have the funds to support such an installation, you still should explore other ways to engage with targets.  One option is through social media stories, a new and effective way to connect.

Many companies are unfamiliar with social media stories and their potential. Read on to learn what these stories are, why they are important at trade shows and how you can influence people to use your brand in their story.

What Are Social Media Stories?

Much like the traditional use of the word “story,” the social media form is a way for users to share the experiences in their life with a display of chronologically ordered pictures and videos. Snapchat is the originator of this form of expression.

On the platform of choice, users can take a picture or video to add to their story, and every follower can view that story for the next 24 hours. After that, the pictures and videos are completely removed from the story.

Snapchat now has a function where users can add videos filmed at an event for all Snapchatters to view. Although Snapchat is the originator, competitors like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram have started implementing their own versions of stories. They are very popular and an excellent opportunity for free marketing.

How Are Stories Important to Trade Show Success?

The goal of a trade show for any company is exposure. Whether it is to attract new customers, additional partners or find quality vendors, getting your brand in front of more people is the reason for attending conferences. Stories are one of the most effective ways to connect with a large number of people, and one of the best parts is the attendees do it for you.

Many attendees will already be cataloging their experience with their social media story and sharing it with colleagues, friends and family. They want the people in their life to enjoy what they’re experiencing through pictures and videos. As those viewers see the story, it could inspire them to attend future events like the one they just witnessed. The key for you as a company is to make some aspect of your booth or presentation worthy of someone’s story.

Make Your Booth an Experience

The best way to get people engaged with your brand is by making your exhibit an experience. Having an engaging and extravagant booth is one way to do that, but honestly, how many people are trying to show off all the cool booth designs they’re seeing?  You need to have something that is interactive.

Some of the most popular options are photo booths, performers or clever art installations like ice sculptures or string art. Whatever route you choose, it is important to have your brand in whatever picture they take. It should be visible but not overbearing. It’s important to get attention, but a gaudy attempt to insert a massive brand logo can be off-putting.

Let other people’s stories be a part of your success story. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach thousands of people by having something photo-worthy. For more trade show tips or help with making your booth presentation stand out, contact Exhibitus today!