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How to Incorporate Video into Your Trade Show Booth

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How to Incorporate Video into Your Trade Show Booth

How to Incorporate Video into Your Trade Show Booth | Exhibitus

Trade shows are an opportunity to sell yourself and your company. As soon as you agree to your trade show booth rental, you should already be planning to make your exhibit shine among the crowd. Inevitably, incorporating video into your exhibit is one of the easiest ways to stand out. Assuming it is well-produced with meaningful content, exhibitors can take advantage of the medium’s ability to grab and keep  attention.

So, after you’ve got the basics covered for your event, how should you go about incorporating video into the mix?

Use a Video Display

Your attendees are well educated, so they know that your staff is there to gather information that will turn prospects into customers.  This can result in reserved attendees avoiding intimidating trade show booth designs or getting sucked into a hard sales situation.

However, a video display in your booth can give attendees a rundown of all the essential information they would learn from your booth staff. This is the perfect way to keep your exhibit unintimidating, yet informative. Your staff can then provide additional information, speaking to prospects who were hooked by your initial video pitch.

Use Video to Maximize Your Trade Show Budget

Because a good portion of your budget will go toward securing the booth space and the design and production of your exhibit, it is critical that the rest of your budget be spent wisely. Costs associated with a large booth staff can significantly decrease the amount you have to spend on pre-show and in-booth engagement options. Video, on the other hand, serves as a cost-effective solution that can reduce the number of staff needed.  Although Hollywood makes it seems expensive, business video production (like animated explainer videos) is relatively inexpensive to produce. Video allows you to advertise your products and services while keeping your labor budget more realistic and achievable.

Promote Your Social Channels through Video

Video displays can be used to promote your company’s relevant social media channels and hashtags. Connecting on social helps attendees stay connected to what’s happening at your exhibit in real time. This can also support further promotion via the event’s hashtags online. For example, if a visitor enjoys your booth and wants to recommend it to others, they may spy your booth’s Twitter handle on a video and use it to promote your event to other attendees online. That’s free marketing!

Save Space with Video in Your Trade Show Booth

If you’re looking to improve the flow of your exhibit, using video screens to demonstrate product features can save space required for actual product demo stations.  Also, it is better to have one or two video screens cycling through information, as opposed to multiple posters and banners that can cause clutter.

Looking to make the most out of your trade show budget? We offer custom designs and rental booth options. Contact us today to learn more about options that fit within your budget.