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Two Custom Trade Show Exhibit Types to Consider

Two Custom Trade Show Exhibit Types to Consider | ExhibitusDesigning your trade show exhibit is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for a successful face-to-face marketing program. To meet objectives and justify your budget , your exhibit has to be visually appealing.  This is where custom design comes in. With a compelling design, you will draw the target audience and leave the show with promising leads. But when it comes to making design decisions, knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of two types of custom exhibits: islands and inlines.

Custom Islands

If you want to be a big fish at your next show, a custom island is the way to go. Your exhibit can be configured to catch the eye of prospects from both near and far on the trade show floor. Here are four benefits you can expect when you invest in an island display:

1. The Bigger, the Better (and More Inviting)

With an island exhibit, access is typically not limited to only one entry point. Attendees can enter from various locations, allowing easy access to a demo station or an interactive engagement that captures their attention.

Island exhibits are typically the largest exhibits on a trade show floor, ranging from 20×20 feet to over 100×100 feet that is common for large equipment shows. Designing a hanging sign to designate the perimeter of these exhibits can increase visibility throughout the trade show floor and help you stand out amongst competitors. Just be sure to put your company name and logo on signage at multiple levels throughout the exhibit so guests walking by don’t have to strain their neck to see who you are.

2. Host Private Meetings (in an Intimate Space)

An island exhibit brings a unique, yet incredible opportunity for exhibitors to host private meetings. With a traditional back wall booth, creating an intimate space to hold important discussions isn’t easy. However, investing in a custom island exhibit is the perfect solution to create double-decks, or tucked-away rooms, for sales people to engage in conversations with decision makers and VIPs. Moreover, secluded meetings are also a great opportunity to exclusively showcase and demo products you don’t want the rest of the trade show exhibitors to see just yet.

3. Create an Immersive, Buzz-Worthy Experience

Due to an open floor plan and large square footage, an island exhibit makes guests forget they’re at a trade show. The purpose of creating an engaging space is to catch the attention of guests, encouraging them to spread the word about their immersive, grand experience. A well-designed exhibit enables better interactions and conversations which leads to building and cultivating stronger relationships. After all, isn’t that the point of going to trade shows?

4. Add Flexibility to Your Trade Show Program

One of the biggest benefits of a custom island exhibit is its flexibility – one size does not fit all. If you’re attending multiple shows, it’s likely your reserved floor space varies in size. Custom island exhibits let you mix and match your booth elements to fit your needs, maximizing your trade show budget. Investing in this type of booth gives you all the pieces you’ll need for various upcoming shows.

Custom Inline Booths

An inline exhibit, sometimes known as a linear display, is one of the most common types of exhibits you’ll see at a show. These booths are primarily built to be exposed to at least one aisle on the show floor. Taking up multiple 10-foot space increments, they are typically smaller than an island booth, and are a cost-effective alternative to an island booth without sacrificing a memorable design. Here are three benefits to expect when considering an investment in a custom inline booth:

1. Customization Opportunities to Meet Goals

A successful exhibit isn’t just about creating the perfect design. Rather, the focus be should on  utilizing the space within your exhibit to reach your marketing goals while  simultaneously leaving a memorable impression. By customizing your exhibit to align with your goals, you’re bound to attract, intrigue and educate potential customers.

2. Engaging Attendees

With careful planning and design, inlines are just as exciting as an island exhibit. Although there are different height and space considerations, designers are capable of creating an environment to put your brand in the best possible light. These exhibits are meant to draw guests in and keep them there with a branded backdrop. To set you apart even more, your design agency might recommend including engagement technology such as interactive displays, virtual reality, or RFID pucks to create a memorable experience.

3. Simply Successful

Inline booths can range in design complexity, but are simple to install and dismantle due to their smaller size. Typical space options are 10×10, 10×20, or 10×30, and it can be spiced up with dramatic lighting, custom signage and unique flooring. This simple approach is not only successful, but it is also a cost-effective alternative when deciding to attend specific trade shows.

Interested in a custom island or inline exhibit, but don’t know where to start? No problem! Contact Exhibitus today to speak to one of our marketing professionals.  At Exhibitus, we help companies all over the world build their trade show exhibits to engage attendees and surpass marketing goals. And we have a dedicated Results Division because we know the importance of trade show ROI. Let’s discuss how to take your trade show program to the next level!