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Exhibitus Trade Show Highlights of 2018

Even though 2018 is behind us, we love looking back and reminiscing on the year’s most exciting custom exhibit designs and shows. We’re going to cover three of our custom exhibits that were proudly displayed at MODEX, IDA and NRF.

One consistent trend stayed relevant throughout the year: engagement. Keep reading to see how our clients displayed interactive exhibit designs.


MODEX [TS1] has been dubbed “The Greatest Supply Chain Show on Earth” and in 2018, it lived up to its nickname. Held every other year, the 2018 event was held at the Georgia World Congress Center from April 9-12, 2018.

One of the most prevalent trends seen at MODEX 2018 [TS2] was digital supply chain technologies that included artificial intelligence, data systems, autonomous vehicles and robotics. Exhibitors put these technologies on display and our client, KNAPP, was one of them.

KNAPP recognized the importance of incorporating an interactive, technology-based engagement into its trade show environment.  KNAPP is a global provider of all-in-one intralogistics solutions and automated storage systems. Throughout the 40×40 exhibit, the staff showed attendees how hardware solutions could solve their supply chain challenges.

Large, 80-inch monitors were used to tell the “KNAPP Story,” which covered four company service areas. When attendees wanted to learn more about the aspects of one of those areas, they simply pressed the correlating icon. Then, an LED light traveled to the monitor triggering a short, informational video for the attendee.

KNAPP leveraged virtual reality in the middle of the exhibit to demonstrate an Evo shuttle, the collaboration between the company’s hardware and software solutions. In this unique experience, attendees went on a ride to a warehouse. A controller in hand, the attendee managed the shuttle, instructing it to choose products from shelves and transfer them to the next step in the distribution process.

Genie at IDA Expo

The International Door Association put on its 38th annual show in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 27-28, 2018. Over 3,600 attendees came from near and far to consider a variety of door-related products from nearly 160 vendors. This conference showcases companies who offer dock services, airlift doors, garage doors, machine tools, safety solutions, loops, building products, house doors, industrial products, rolling doors, and more.

Our client, Genie, is an industry leader, and the company’s outstanding 40×60 exhibit made its mark on the trade show floor. Knowing that engagement was critical, Genie encouraged attendees to play a trivia game with an 18’ tall genie on a custom-built platform. When guests answered correctly, not only were they granted a prize, but they also experienced the vibrating platform emitting smoke in celebration – as if a genie were about to appear. Guest information was collected through this interactive game, helping Genie capture leads.


Toshiba at NRF


Photography: Exposures, Ltd., Gary Michael, 866.359.4493,

Retail’s Big Show, NRF 2018, took place in the country’s shopping capital – New York City. Last year’s show hosted 36,500 guests with over 500 educational seminars. Two of the biggest takeaways from the 2018 show were company culture and technology.


Chris Baldwin, President, CEO, and Director of B.J.’s Wholesale Club, discussed how culture impacts the future of the retail space: “We have an opportunity to change the way the world views this industry, and this starts with making sure we have the right talent before us.”

Beth Comstock, former Vice Chair at General Electric, summed up how companies should approach innovation in the years to come: “Every company needs a lab approach. You need to be constantly testing, learning, experimenting.”

With over 700 exhibitors, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions needed to stand out. Across the retail sector, Toshiba empowers retailers to succeed through innovative technologies, products and global solutions. The breadth and depth of the company’s offerings may sound difficult to communicate, but we rose to the challenge.

Knowing the importance of engagement in such a crowded space, our client incorporated a string artist to increase interest. The artist worked alongside the booth by arranging pieces of string into one beautiful picture. Playing on the company’s theme of “The Joy of Shopping,” the artist’s final image was a family happily shopping. The artist also created accent pieces that were displayed throughout the exhibit to tie the art and messaging all together.

After the show, these unique pieces of art were transported to Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions headquarters in Raleigh, NC, where they’re permanently on display.

These interactive elements are just a few of the exhibits we are proud to have designed and delivered in 2018. If you’re interested in boosting your trade show experience through design and engagement at your next show, contact us to get started.