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6 Things Every Custom Trade Show Design Needs to Be Successful

Building your own custom trade show exhibit is an exciting venture given that design opportunities are limitless. Unique designs stand out on the show floor, quickly grabbing the attention of target audiences. That’s the beauty of a custom exhibit. Investing in a tailored booth should lead to a higher return on your trade show investment (ROI), but incorporating the right features is the best way to get there. Below are six critical elements you need to include in your custom trade show design.

1. High-Impact Graphics

Perhaps the most basic, yet important, element of a custom exhibit is its graphics. Graphics should grab the attention of event attendees so much so that they do not want to miss visiting your exhibit. Just as important as the imagery within your booth is the placement and size of your graphics, as the size and readability play a major role in their impact.

Hero-scale graphics meant to be seen from a distance, if hung over the exhibit, should be readable from 100 feet away. For island exhibits, large graphics can be displayed on hanging signs, and for inline exhibits on kiosks, back walls or canopies. The imagery should include your logo, company name or a well-known product.

Other high-impact graphics, designed on a mid-size scale, should be situated at eye level and visible from ten-to-fifty feet away. This strategic placement will encourage guests at nearby exhibits to make the walk over to your space.

Human-scale graphics can be used to tell your brand’s story once guests are well inside the exhibit. This signage includes product or service-specific information or messaging that can only be read from close range. Incorporating visual infographics is a great way to portray complicated information so that it is easy-to-consume.

2. The Right Lighting

A great custom exhibit design is wasted if it is lost in the shadows. Choosing the right lighting to highlight particularly important elements can make or break your relationship with a visitor stepping into your booth. You want to stand out from the crowd, but not at the expense of blinding attendees. A few ideas for impactful lighting include:

  • Backlighting to highlight important messaging
  • Accent lighting to emphasize details and varying surfaces
  • Overhead lighting from hanging structures to accentuate key areas in the exhibit

Your custom graphics deserve to be in the spotlight. Make sure the lighting you select emphasizes your booth’s boldness.

3. Bold, Noticeable Colors

Your exhibit’s color palette sets the mood for the space, even from afar, so make sure you think about the mood you want to convey based on the colors you incorporate into the design. When it comes to strategically choosing a palette, put yourself in the attendees’ shoes. How will they perceive the colors of your custom trade show design? Consider the following when it comes to color psychology:

  • Red = intense, passion
  • Orange = boldness, excitement
  • Green = earthy, growth, soothing
  • Blue = calming, trustworthy
  • Purple = creativity, luxury
  • Brown = comfort, simple
  • Black = power, elegant
  • White = cleanliness, purity, fresh

The colors should be in line with your brand standards and messaging, but be bold enough to be a differentiator next to your neighbors. Avoid neutral colors so you don’t blend in with the tradeshow floor, and consider adding metallic or unique colors for visual appeal.

4. Flooring

Not only is choosing the right flooring critical for your staff’s comfort, but it also contributes to the overall look and feel of the exhibit. The best part about building a custom trade show exhibit is you don’t have to worry about your graphics clashing with the existing trade show flooring. When designing your structure, choose materials and colors to complement your overall exhibit design, and also keep in mind the comfort level of your staff.

5. Storage Space

Keeping extra materials, expensive technology and the staff’s personal items in a safe place is often forgotten during the design phase. A crowded or cluttered exhibit is not inviting to attendees, so work with your design house to build custom storage space(s). You might also need the space to house giveaway prizes, informational handouts and engagement elements that can’t be left out in the open unattended.

6. Visual and Auditory Elements

Engagement is a trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, engagements are what drive leads to your exhibit, making it one of the most influential elements to include. trade show ROI. By incorporating visual and auditory experiences, you are guaranteed to improve visitors’ experience and hopefully leave a memorable impression on them. Whether you rely on music, digital displays or virtual reality, attendees will remember an experience unique to your company.

Are you feeling inspired to get started on your custom exhibit design? Contact Exhibitus today to learn more about our design process for custom booths. We value collaboration with our clients because your end product is only as good as the process it takes to create it.