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7 Creative Materials to Make Your Trade Show Booth Pop

With transportation and drayage costs continuing to rise and the demand for innovative, yet reusable components increasing, having a flexible, lightweight exhibit is more important than ever. Make sure you are partnering with an exhibit house that offers expert trade show services to help you control costs and has the design expertise to create a one-of-a-kind booth that makes your brand stand out.

Whether large or small, your exhibit doesn’t have to be a boring space. From repurposing vintage cars to having one gigantic object as the focal point, you have a variety of unexpected options for a unique custom exhibit design. Here, we’ll dive in to seven out-of-the-box ideas that will make your booth pop at your next show.

1. Shape Eye-Catching Fabric

Displaying a unique structure can be amplified by adhering stretchable, vibrant fabric. Not only is it lightweight which is an added benefit when it comes to shipping costs, but it also presents the opportunity for brilliant, complementary lighting. You can create a uniquely shaped or a “breathable” exhibit that will be an inviting space for passersby.

2. Bring Your Booth to Life

Are you tired of using stereotypical materials for exhibits? Especially if you’re in the food industry, you have a great opportunity to put on a display like no other exhibitor. Create an entire wall with your product(s), fresh produce or plants. Or, your booth designers can take all of your packaged food products to create a mosaic, branded wall.

While food may not make sense for your industry, no company can go wrong bringing greenery from the outdoors into the show hall. It will make your booth feel inviting and homey, while still remaining sophisticated. Easy-to-care-for plants are trendy right now, like succulents and cacti, making them the perfect addition to your exhibit.

3. Be Light and Airy with Paper

When you think paper and trade shows, it’s likely that brochures, stationery and marketing materials come to mind. But have you considered it as a part of your booth’s décor? If you want to soften the look and feel of your exhibit, paper might be the surprising material to help you, as it offers an organic, free-flowing vibe that is hard to match with any other medium.

4. Repurpose Vintage Vehicles

If you want to make attendees feel nostalgic, bring in an old, refurbished car to your exhibit. You can either make the entire booth revolve around the vehicle (space permitting), or you can use it as an accent piece for attendees to explore your brand.

Use the car as a meeting space or as a photo booth. Or, you could rent a vintage car seat and use it in front of a branded backdrop. This is the perfect opportunity for a selfie space. No matter how you use it, attendees will remember the exhibit with “the old car.”

5. Board Up Your Exhibit

Traditional cardboard isn’t just for the shipping boxes used to send brochures and giveaways to your next show.  Now, more companies are getting creative by incorporating cardboard or an interlocking system with this material into their booths.

Although the look of raw cardboard gives off an eco-friendly, organic and “green” vibe, you can still dress it up by applying paint, vinyl or other appliques to it. Its versatility is endless, not to mention it’s an inexpensive, light material. However, it takes the right creative team to truly bring cardboard to life.

6. Make a Statement with an Oversized Product

Is your company well-known for one product? Work with your trade show booth design company to transform this product into epic proportions, such creating a oversized replica of the product out of toy building blocks to bring a touch of nostalgia to your attendees.

You have a couple of options when it comes to your oversized product, similar to the vintage car: make it the focal point of your entire exhibit or have it off to the side, in a complementary location.

If it’s the star of the show, your trade show exhibit company will need to create strategic meeting spaces, seating and demo stations around it. As an accent piece, have your design partner create a custom backdrop to accompany it so attendees are inspired to take selfies in front of it.

7. Catch Air with Inflatables

Inflatable furniture isn’t just for 90’s bedrooms anymore, as it’s making a comeback – and the trade show floor is no exception. Not only are they lightweight and easy to transport, but they are quick and simple to set up.

Rather than having traditional sofas and chairs in your exhibit, display inflatable furniture. Guests will love to have conversations and relax on something other than stuffy office chairs or traditional couches.

When it comes to inflatables, you’re not limited to sitting spaces, though. Other structures within your booth can also be made of this material, such as tables, dividing walls, ottomans, and more. Your design team will make these strategic decisions to ensure your booth still has a polished, but fun look.

Are you ready to think outside the box for your next exhibit? Contact Exhibitus today. Our team of experienced designers will work with you to bring your unique dreams to life, while providing expert guidance along the way.