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Display Rentals

Quality Exhibits at Affordable Rates

Quality display rentals are cost-effective solutions to aid your marketing efforts, captivating your audience and increasing customer engagement.

trade show booth rentals

Every organization demands greater visibility among potential customers to help increase sales. That’s why we offer high-quality trade show displays at affordable rates, keeping in mind that not all organizations are able to invest in their own custom exhibit. If your organization wants to reduce capital expenditure while acquiring superior displays, Exhibitus is for you.

Why should you rent?

After every convention, purchased booths need to be stored. But if your organization only attends a few events, then your exhibits are likely collecting dust for the better part of a year. This means that the price of admission isn’t just the cost of purchasing a display, but it also includes storage and maintenance costs. Overtime, these costs add up.

Furthermore, an exhibit’s branding revolves around a particular theme, and a growing organization may not want to associate themselves to specific marketing messages in the long run.

Renting an entire display or a few elements are great alternatives to these challenges. It allows your growing business to have more flexibility and no storage and maintenance fees, all without sacrificing style and quality.

Why Choose Us?

Our high-quality, award-winning rental portfolio speaks for itself, but working with the seasoned professionals at Exhibitus is what makes your experience that much better.

At Exhibitus, we offer your brand the flexibility you need to adapt evolving product strategy and branding by offering customizable exhibits. Our booths and islands are fully modular, and the graphics and layout can be changed as your needs do.

With us, you gain a partner that strives to understand your vision and what you hope to achieve. After we form this foundation together, we leverage our experience to create impeccable designs. Our expert designers assemble remarkable exhibits that work with your ideas and budget.