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Improving Trade Show Engagement Through Mastering Body Language

Trade Show ROI Handshake at Business MeetingNo matter how great your custom-designed trade show exhibit, engagement activities and trained staff are for an upcoming trade show, you still need to make sure everyone in your company sends a message of openness and interest to target audiences. Interpreting and demonstrating  appropriate body language can be a huge advantage when trying to engage with a potential client.

This skill is often overlooked. However, mastering body language can help you be more approachable, connect better and, as a result, increase your trade show ROI. Here are a few body language tips that can help booth engagement at your next show.

Facial Deception

The most natural way to attempt to read someone is by looking at their facial expression. However, this method is not always an accurate measure of how someone is feeling. From the earliest phases of life, people are told to “say cheese” or “don’t let them see you cry.” People learn to mask their true emotions, especially in professional situations. This deception could result in you misreading an exchange.

One giveaway to a person’s true feelings is how the rest of their face is reacting with their mouth. If they have a smile, but the rest of their face is inactive, they’re probably just being polite. Genuine interest is hard to disguise. When people get excited, their eyes and cheeks will raise with their mouth. Understanding, to your best ability, the current emotions of a booth visitor will help guide a conversation that will leave a lasting, positive impression.

Upper Body Language

The only way to learn how to interpret underlying messages through body language is simply through experience and practice. However, there are a few foundational aspects of reading people that you can pick up right off the bat.

The upper body is often overlooked, but it tends to send a more honest message than someone’s face. Elevated and active arms are often associated with excitement or interest. The openness of this posture shows vulnerability and trust.

Conversely, if a person has crossed or folded arms, they’re probably apprehensive of what you’re saying or bored. If you find yourself in this situation, try to engage them with conversation about their interests before talking about  your company or describing your offerings.

Use Your Skills

Practice is the key to continuous improvement in the interpretation of body language. Evaluate prospects’ upper body and facial reactions to help navigate conversations more effectively.

Remember that many professionals at the conference are already trained or informed about reading body language. This means you must stay aware of the messages you are sending with your body as well. Send the message of approachability by standing with an open posture and a genuine smile.

The next time you’re at a trade show, make sure negative body language is not getting in the way of the results you want, and are expected, to achieve. You’ll find yourself in more engaging conversations and increasing lead generation. For more trade show tips or help with a custom exhibit design, contact Exhibitus today!