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Why Should I Consider Trade Show Marketing?

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Why Should I Consider Trade Show Marketing?

The prospect of marketing your business at a trade show can be an expensive venture to consider. The cost of renting the space for your custom trade show exhibit and creating an exhibit display can add up quickly, making you wonder if the investment is worth it.

Why Should I Consider Trade Show Marketing? | Trade Show ROI | ExhibitusHowever, looking at the trade show ROI reported by other companies, it becomes clear that trade shows and conventions offer an opportunity for greater exposure, acquiring new customers, and seeing what your competition is doing.

If you’re new to the trade show marketing game or if you’re on the fence about whether or not the benefits outweigh the cost, here are three reasons why this marketing strategy is a business goldmine.

Use a Custom Design Exhibit to Amplify Your Brand at a Trade Show

Trade shows are unique in that they combine two powerful advertising vehicles: social media and word of mouth. By now many business owners are familiar enough with social media marketing campaigns and the benefit that they can have on their bottom line. At the same time, they are also aware of the power of a good personal interaction between a company representative and a current or potential client. Marketing at a trade show combines both of these profitability powerhouses.

The key to success lies in having a custom design environment. With a well-designed custom exhibit, you can connect with attendees through hands-on product demonstrations and engaging conversations with your team in a unique environment.

Once attendees interact your brand in this way they will share their experience via word of mouth and social media.

Engage New Clientele at a Trade Show with a Custom Exhibit

Trade show marketing is a highly effective way to create dozens of new business opportunities. Consider how you normally acquire new business: self-promotion, industry and consumer advertisements, perhaps even cold-calling.

Now think how much time you could save if you generate hundreds of new clients within the span of a few days at a trade show. You could potentially generate enough new leads to keep your business busy for months even after the trade show is over – and that’s from marketing at only one show.

The way to achieve this is with a custom-designed exhibit environment. A custom environment attracts attendees to your exhibit space with bold brand messaging that’s visible from all areas of the convention floor. Once attendees enter your exhibit, they’ll be snapping pictures, sending tweets and checking into the event on their social profiles to tell everyone about the experience they had with your brand.

Keep an Eye on the Competition at a Trade Show

Finally, marketing at a trade show is a great opportunity to see what else is going on in your line of business and how the rest of the competition is measuring up. During their downtime, your team can take a look other exhibit booths to get a sense of the kind of marketing campaigns that work and those that don’t. It will give you a good sense of the playing field and how you can anticipate your competitor’s next move.

These benefits make the initial investment of marketing your business at a trade show worth it. With a custom-designed exhibit from Exhibitus, your company will be well on its way to reaping the rewards of a great trade show marketing campaign.

For more information on how Exhibitus can help your company maximize trade show ROI, contact us at 800.770.4392.