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Top 3 Ways to Attract New Eyes at Your Next Trade Show 

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Top 3 Ways to Attract New Eyes at Your Next Trade Show 

Thousands of corporate buyers, purchasing agents and other decision-makers attend trade shows every year. Many of these professionals attend the same trade shows each year while others are new to the circuit. In both cases, they’re looking for the latest innovations in product development or the perfect enterprise solution for their company.

Therefore, every brand has to work hard to be seen, heard and remembered at a trade show. Achieving this is not easy. Whether they’re utilizing a custom island design or another type of exhibit, brands invest a great deal of resources in their trade shows. However, making a lasting impression that generates leads, new customers and media coverage means finding inventive ways to connect with attendees.

Here are the top three ways that brands can attract new eyes to their next trade show.

Make It Easy for Your Trade Show Exhibit to Be Seen

Trade shows are typically large scale events. With many brands competing for a limited number of prospects, standing out on a trade show floor becomes a must. If your exhibit is a custom island, be sure to make the most of messaging opportunities.

Primary messaging that extends across the top of your custom island should draw attention to your brand and be visible from virtually any place in the exhibit hall. Secondary messaging should also be used to offer supporting details about your product or service that can be easily seen once attendees are close to or inside your exhibit space.

An experienced custom design house will know how to incorporate primary and secondary messaging into the design of your custom island exhibit.

Make Your Custom Island Exhibit a Multidimensional Experience

Once you’ve enticed trade show attendees to make a beeline towards your exhibit, it’s time to make the most out of it. Make sure your custom island has a layout that’s easy for attendees to navigate, interact with your products and obtain information about your services. This means being intentional about the design of your exhibit structure and the elements within the environment. Consider everything that will affect the attendee experience from the type of furniture that’s used inside to where and how your company’s representatives first meet and then interact with visitors.

Talking to a custom design house can help you devise the best way for traffic to flow through your exhibit to gain maximum attention and engagement for your brand.

Make Your Custom Island Exhibit Unlike Any Other

The physical aspects of your custom island exhibit are also vital to attracting prospects to your brand. In order to stand out, be sure your exhibit is designed and built according to specifications. An effective design will naturally incorporate unique brand elements into the appearance and assembly of the exhibit.

Collaborating with a custom design house that also employs highly-skilled craftspeople and uses high-quality materials to construct your exhibit is one way to ensure your brand has a bold look that catches the eyes of trade show attendees.

Overall, attracting the attention of prospects at trade shows starts with the right design. Seek out a design house with a portfolio that features prominent brand messaging, thoughtful use of floor space and customization that gives your brand a distinctive look.

For more information on attracting new potential customers at your next trade show event, contact the team at Exhibitus at 800.770.4392.