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Why Color is Important for Attracting Customers to Your Next Island Display

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Why Color is Important for Attracting Customers to Your Next Island Display

When you see a brilliant marketing campaign, do you think of color as being the initial element that draws you in and makes you desire the product? Think of the last time you saw an advertisement – you may not have given much thought to its color choice, if you had any thought at all.

However, for the savvy marketer, choosing the color scheme is just as crucial as selecting the images and words to convey your message. This is especially true when selecting a custom island design for trade shows and the corresponding functional areas within the exhibit.

Despite the subtlety of the draw, people notice color and the mood it evokes before they notice anything else. That’s why it is critical to consider your company’s corporate identity, the products and services you are promoting or selling, and the audience you are targeting when choosing a color scheme for your next island exhibit.

Let’s break down these three ideas and why it is important to consider each one when developing the color strategy for your next island exhibit.

What Do the Colors of Your Trade Show Exhibit Say About Your Company?

First, consider your company’s corporate identity and what you want to convey about your brand. In the same way that we often base our first impressions of another person on their physical appearance, potential clients will also (perhaps even subconsciously) base their first impression of you and your business on the color scheme you choose for your custom island exhibit design.

Colors evoke specific emotions, just like sounds and images. For example, food and beverage companies like Coca-Cola and Chick-Fil-A use red in their design scheme because it’s an energetic color that is said to stimulate hunger.

Consider what kind of emotion or feeling you want to evoke from your clientele and develop your color schematic from there. Then, work with a custom design house to incorporate these colors into your island exhibit.

Align Your Product Colors with Your Custom Island Display

Next, think about the kind of product you are selling or promoting at the trade show, as well as the engagement strategy you will employ. Are you a restaurant owner looking to promote a new line of beverages? Or are you selling cutting-edge technological equipment? Or perhaps you’re a self-made entrepreneur trying to make it in the world of fashion?

The color schematics for each of these products and businesses are going to vary widely. The color green, for instance, has long been touted as evoking the feelings of growth and health, and therefore is often the go-to color for the food, energy/environmental industries and finance.

Give some thought to the product you are promoting at the trade show and how to include these colors in your custom island display. Working with a custom design house will help you maximize the use of product colors in your exhibit and draw more attendees to your display.

Engage Audiences by Incorporating the Right Colors into Your Trade Show Exhibit

Finally, ask yourself who your target audience is and what kind of colors are going to draw their eyes to your custom island display. Both age and gender can affect the way colors are perceived. For example, the color blue conveys trust and dependability – qualities that are important to mature prospects.

Also consider how accent colors can be used to complement the color scheme of your company or brand logo. You can leverage accent colors in both primary and secondary messaging that appears on your custom island display. This is a sure way to attract trade show attendees from all over the exhibition space.

As for engagement strategy, be sure to select colors that align with the mood that will benefit the interaction. For instance, if you are planning to hold private meetings in a conference room with VIPs that you anticipate will last 30 minutes, it is wise to avoid an energetic color such as red that can incite aggression. Conversely, selecting a color that is too calming such as blue can bring on fatigue.

Consider the implications of proper color selection for your exhibit design and functional areas in light of these three things, and you’ll be on your way to a successful trade show event. The designers at Exhibitus are experts at incorporating color schemes into custom island displays. Contact us at 800.770.4392 and let’s talk about what we can do for you.