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What to Look for in a Custom Island Designer

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What to Look for in a Custom Island Designer

Trade shows are a significant investment of company resources, so the type of exhibit you use matters. The difference between a custom island design and a generic display booth can be measured in traffic to your exhibit space and the number of prospects generated from that traffic.

A custom island is a unique trade show environment tailored specifically to your business. Its purpose is to draw attendees into your exhibit space and provide them with an immersive experience. It is intended to attract attention and accomplish marketing objectives within a functional and interactive setting.

Now with the idea of great custom island design for trade shows in mind, choosing the best designer for your company is of paramount importance. Here are three things you should look for when searching for a custom island designer.

Designing a Custom Island Exhibit Takes Collaboration

Designing a custom environment that will inspire excitement about your business from targeted attendees requires collaboration.

A high level of collaboration between a custom design house and your business ensures that your company’s personality and vision are infused into every element of the exhibit.

Seek out a designer who spends time with your team listening to your goals, asking questions about your product and services, and proposes a design that reflects what’s important to your company and your targeted audience.

Being Smart About Custom Island Design

A collaborative approach is only the beginning of good custom island design. Once you’ve shared your business goals with your design partner, they should take what they’ve learned about your brand and turn that into a one-of-a-kind exhibit experience.

This means considering factors such as the design of the physical structure, use of floor space to accommodate products you may be demonstrating and traffic patterns that allow productive interactions between staff and trade show attendees.

It also means being intentional about brand messaging. Primary and secondary messaging targets trade show attendees and amplifies your brand with compelling colors and communications that engage audiences. Experienced designers know what will work for your specific requirements.

High Quality Craftsmanship Key to Custom Island Exhibits

Having a great design team is important – but what about the materials used to create your custom island? Whether you rent or purchase your trade show exhibit, you want an exhibit that will withstand the conditions of travel, assembly and storage.

Look for a custom island designer with highly skilled craftsmen on their team. These craftsmen can use their skills to build a durable structure using high quality materials. This will ensure that your exhibit can be used for multiple trade shows and provide a higher return on investment.

Exhibitus makes finding the right custom island designer easy. As an all-in-one custom exhibit designer, we house the most talented creative and production teams in the industry. Our team handles every part of the trade show exhibit process from start to finish. Contact us at 800.770.4392 and let’s get started on creating your custom island exhibit today.