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Tips for Creating Outstanding Inline Displays  

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Tips for Creating Outstanding Inline Displays  

Trade shows offer an exciting glimpse into what your competitors are doing. Custom trade show exhibits stand side by side like storefronts. This allows every attendee to see exactly what is on display and make easy comparisons.

Seeing the competition, their products and their messaging can provide valuable data points for event marketers and their corporate leadership teams.

While standing right next to the competition on the trade show floor has its value, event marketers gain more by focusing on their brand, their products and their message to prospects.

However, thinking about potential customers and what they really want from a trade show experience begins way before show time. It starts with creating an outstanding inline exhibit.

Here are some tips for creating a winning custom inline design for trade shows.

Three Tips for Creating Successful Custom Inline Exhibits

Think about the attendee experience. Companies that shine with their inline displays move attendees beyond their expectations of a trade show. They create an appealing environment for interaction with your company’s product or service. Consider the best way to interest prospects when they approach your custom inline exhibit and how you can engage them within the space. This is where elements such as exhibit design, space usage, brand colors, inviting visuals and furniture selection come into play.

Message for brand domination. At a trade show, your inline exhibit is the physical manifestation of your brand. Be sure to take advantage of the ample space available on exhibit walls to delivering a potent message about your brand. Use hero messages to capture the attention of attendees and direct line of sight messages to inform prospects about your products.

Pick the right partner. Creating an effective inline exhibit is critical to attracting the most sought after prospects. However, a generic display vendor won’t be able to create an exhibit that stands out from the competition. Working with a custom exhibit design house can make a huge difference. A custom design house will collaborate with your staff to cast your brand in the perfect light and build an exhibit that’s tailored made for your company.

Why the Design of Your Inline Trade Show Exhibit Matters

With so much at stake at a trade show, event marketers and corporate leaders must do more than think about the competition. They must think about attendee experience and brand messaging.

Then they must select a qualified design house to transform their ideas into an exhibit that draws the attention of prospects. The right exhibit vendor achieves this through custom design. Custom design empowers your company to create an inline exhibit that takes your business beyond what is possible for your competitors.

Exhibitus helps companies’ design custom trade show exhibits that entice audiences and convert prospects into customers. To learn more, contact us at 800.770.4392.