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The Industry Terms You Need to Know for Event Marketing

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The Industry Terms You Need to Know for Event Marketing



Are you new to the trade show industry? At first, the industry terms that fly around the event marketing space can be confusing. Fortunately, you can learn the basics of trade show marketing after attending a show or two. Before long, you will know what each term means, and understand how it impacts your trade show ROI.

To get you started on your professional journey, here are some of the more common industry terms:


Drayage can be a tricky concept for trade show novices to grasp. It is sometime referred to as material handling. It involves the various steps it takes to get the exhibit materials safely from the conference center’s dock to the booth space. The fee that trade show participants pay for the service is based on the weight and number of packages for their booth and other show materials.

Custom Exhibits

Custom trade show exhibits are built specifically for your company, designed to capture your brand’s personality and message. They offer a fully immersive experience that draws attendees over to your exhibit space.  Typically, the customization makes them complex to assemble and, therefore, require an on-site professional crew for setup.

Island Exhibits

Island displays, as their name suggests, are exposed on all sides to the trade show floor. The most common size for these displays is 20’x20’ or larger.

Inline Exhibits

Inline displays are usually a little smaller than island booth spaces, with average sizes of 10’x10’ or 10’x20’. The display faces one or two aisles, depending on its location on the exhibit floor, and has side boundaries and backed by another exhibit or perimeter wall.

Pop-Up Displays

These exhibits are highly portable and can be assembled with ease in a matter of minutes. They “pop up” because they’re made from a lightweight aluminum frame, either self-locking or with plastic locking arms. Once they’re set up, pop-up displays support graphic or fabric panels.

Pre-Show Marketing

Pre-show marketing is the promotional efforts you make in the months, days and hours leading up to the trade show. This helps create a buzz around your brand, encouraging attendees to visit your booth. As the number of booth visitors increases, it results in a greater number of  leads and an improved trade show ROI for your company.

Pre-show marketing strategies include social media, promotional products, email blast, and direct mail. Keep the buzz going on the day of the trade show with interactive engagements, promotional giveaways that reinforce your messaging and a booth staff that knows how to interact with attendees to achieve show goals.

Custom Exhibit House

If you want to take your trade show program to the next level, considering working with a custom exhibit house like Exhibitus. We take the time to understand your company’s brand, vision and personality, and infuse those elements into your custom design. This brand differentiation will speak directly to your target audience, increasing qualified leads and overall trade show ROI. Contact us today at 800-770-4392 to learn more about our custom trade show design options.