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What You Need to Know About Promotional Products for Your Next Event

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What You Need to Know About Promotional Products for Your Next Event

What You Need to Know About Promotional Products for Your Next Event | Exhibitus

Frisbees, pens, keychains and koozies: these are the same old “keepsakes” you get at every event. You’ve probably experienced receiving other uninspired, branded promotional products at an exhibit, only to leave them behind in the hotel room or in the trash. While some people think giveaways are an outdated marketing strategy, the right kinds of branded products can help maximize your trade show ROI. For branding impressions that last, here’s what you need to know about using promotional products at your next trade show event.

Focus on Brand Alignment

Great promotional products communicate your brand’s persona and corporate image to trade show attendees. Items that continue the “theme” of your messaging help attendees make the correlation with the information they have learned in the booth.

For example, if your custom trade show exhibit is set up to resemble an art gallery and your overall theme is “The Art of Interaction, with the in-booth discussion focused on the value of engagement activities,  why not offer attendees an adult coloring book and high-end colored pencils to take home and create their own works of art?

It’s important that any promotional products you give out has at least your company’s logo on it. The money spent in purchasing promotional products will be wasted if there’s no way for attendees to identify or connect the product back to your company once the event is over.

Choose Products That Present Value to Attendees

In addition to generating interest in your brand, the right promotional products can be valuable to exhibit visitors. Here are some product ideas that can really make an impact:

Reusable Water Bottles

Water bottles are something attendees will use for a long time after the trade show ends. They have a long lifespan and help promote eco-friendly brand messaging.

USB Chargers

If you want a giveaway item that resonates with every exhibit visitor, you can’t go wrong with USB chargers. They’re relatively inexpensive, but great for travel and keeping people plugged in while they’re on the go. Spend a little extra on chargers that come with a built-in battery pack, and attendees will definitely remember your brand name when you save them the hassle of having to hunt down an outlet.


Everyone loves the idea of a free shirt. In order to pull this off without being gimmicky, be creative with the design and minimal with your branding. People won’t wear your shirts if they feel like walking advertisements, but they will if the designs are simple or they display a tastefully-executed cute or funny saying. Be sure to order shirts in a variety of sizes to accommodate all booth visitors.

Be Smart with Your Giveaways

You’ll blow your marketing budget if staffers give products to every person who passes the exhibit. Be thoughtful with how you hand out products, especially if you have more expensive items. To get the most bang for your buck, decide before the show opens and alert your staff as to who should get a promotional item. It could be attendees who give you their business card, responds to a pre-show call-to-action, those that commit to listen to a formal  presentation or perhaps everyone who lets you scan their badge.

When executed well, giving out promotional products at trade shows is a great way to generate booth traffic, attendee engagement and qualified leads. If you want to know more about how to get the most out of your trade show ROI, talk to the Results Division at Exhibitus. Contact us today at 800.770.4392 to start measuring what matters.