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3 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Exhibit Work for You

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3 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Exhibit Work for You

exhibitusblog510When your company participates in a trade show, your exhibit is an innovative marketing tool that should convince attendees to stop and learn more about you. Competition for attention can be steep, with multiple booths and exhibitors working within the same network of trade show attendees. Your trade show design plays a large part in enticing and engaging with potential customers, but the work doesn’t end there. Here are a few ways to make your trade show booth work for you, keeping customers engaged with company representatives once they are there.

Your Booth Should Define Who You Are

While props, quirky t-shirts and freebies are a good way to stand out from the crowd, if your trade show design doesn’t communicate your brand’s message, it’s a wasted effort. Your booth should clearly define who you are. In addition to appealing design tactics, be sure that your company is well-represented through recognizable color schemes, meaningful messaging and on-target promotional materials.

Remember, attendees walking by only have a few seconds to engage with your brand, so they should be able to glance at your booth and understand what products or services you sell. This allows them to quickly determine if they should investigate further.  The best bet is to keep it simple — stick with a few bullet points on graphics rather than a detailed list that attendees don’t have time or interest in reading.

Your Booth Should Demonstrate What Makes You Different

In a sea of booths at a trade show, what makes your company different from the rest? You’ll likely be alongside competitors on the trade show floor, so your booth and marketing materials should highlight why they should choose to meet with you over anyone else.

Maybe you have 24/7 customer service, innovative products or better value than the competition. If you can, use presentations or product demonstrations to show what makes you different. Everything else can be included in promotional materials and brochures.

Your Reps Should Keep Customers Engaged

Nobody wants to be hit with a sales pitch right away. Your representatives should not only be knowledgeable about your company, product or services — they also need to be relaxed, friendly and engaging. If they ask open-ended questions to learn more about the attendees and their needs, the prospect will naturally relax and be more willing to stay and learn about your company.

In addition to being equipped with questions to ask, take the time to practice to anticipate potential answers and how best to respond to them. This will help your reps not get tongue-tied on the trade show floor and to internalize the overall strategy.

Your trade show design will serve as a visual representation of everything that makes your company great. Exhibitus specializes in a variety of trade show designs and rental programs, all of which generate measurable results. Contact us today to learn more about how to make your next trade show booth work for your company.