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Snowflake Wins Platinum Award in Hermes Award Competition

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Snowflake Wins Platinum Award in Hermes Award Competition

Exhibitus is excited to announce that SNOWFLAKE has won a Platinum Hermes Creative Award in the custom Trade Show Exhibit category.

Brad Falberg, President of Exhibitus, said, “One of the benefits of our business is getting to work with innovative companies like Snowflake as they grow their market success. We congratulate the collaborative team from Snowflake and Exhibitus that worked together to bring the value of Snowflake’s platform to the trade show floor.”

Snowflake’s provides a cloud-built data platform that delivers secure data across multiple clouds. The Snowflake ecosystem was created in partnership with companies that provide leading data management, data integration and business intelligence.

At AWS re:Invent 2019, a learning conference hosted by Amazon Web Services for the global cloud computing community, Snowflake’s objective was to gain additional customers by demonstrating how current customers use its cloud platform to increase the value of their respective businesses through the access and power of data.

Through its partnership with Snowflake, Red Bull ( has used data analysis to increase the speed of its Formula One race car. AWS attendees are predominately males who work in technology. With this demographic, it is easy to predict that both the RedBull brand and the Formula One racing would be familiar to most.

Snowflake accepted Red Bull’s offer of an actual Formula One race car as a focal point to draw attention to its 2019 AWS exhibit and then serve as a starting point for conversations between company representatives and prospective customers.

Regulations at the Las Vegas venue caused additional creative resourcefulness. All electrical cables for the booth’s demonstration kiosks and a wall of 64 LED tiles in the back of the exhibit had to come from the ceiling, not from below the floor.  Exhibitus’ custom exhibit design team had to make sure that these cables did not create clutter or take away from the streamlined appearance of the booth.

The design and fabrication of this exhibit were a lesson in creative planning. Without the many years of industry experience of the Exhibitus’ design, CAD and craftsmen,  the striking presentation of this Formula One race car would have not been possible.  The exhibit stood out on the trade show floor, grabbed attention as it was designed to do, and ensured Snowflake of a successful event.