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EPLAN Wins Platinum Hermes Creative Award for Expanding Presence on a Trade Show Floor

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EPLAN Wins Platinum Hermes Creative Award for Expanding Presence on a Trade Show Floor

Exhibitus is excited to announce that EPLAN, a leading provider of software and service solutions in the fields of electrical, automation and mechatronic engineering, has won a Platinum Hermes Creative Award.

“Knowing that the Rockwell Automation Fair 2019 was the first time EPLAN would publicly highlight its significant partnership with Rockwell Automation, EPLAN and Exhibitus teams came together to design a custom trade show exhibit experience that would showcase the importance of this new relationship,” said Brad Falberg, President of Exhibitus.  “We are excited that this collaboration hit the mark, both from  design as demonstrated by this Platinum Hermes award as well as EPLAN’s  high-profile success at the show.”

Earlier in 2019, EPLAN announced a significant partnership with Rockwell Automation. As a result, to highlight its enhanced partnership, it was imperative that EPLAN enhance its presence at Rockwell Automation Fair with a significant increase in booth space and more prominent messaging to draw attendees’ attention to the EPLAN brand on the trade show floor. The space for Rockwell Automation was increased from a 30’x30’ with a trade show rental booth to a 40’x40’ exhibit that Exhibitus was contracted to design and build.

The strategic partnership with Rockwell, as well as the potential for additional partnerships with show attendees, created the need for executive meeting spaces, ideally away from product presentations and demonstration kiosks.

The main booth space was designed so that attendees would experience a customer journey through an engineering process facilitated by the company’s products. Presentations describing service details were conducted in a theatre in the inner section of the exhibit.

The area up the stairs offered meeting tables and chairs. In addition to executive meetings, company service consultants met with current clients to explain new offerings.  The “write-on” tables allowed for on-the-spot diagrams of possible solution sets.



The new exhibit is the foundation for what is expected to be successful partnerships with Rockwell Automation and additional new customers in the future.