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Is Exhibit Booth Rental Right for You?

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Is Exhibit Booth Rental Right for You?

Is Exhibit Booth Rental Right for You? | Exhibitus

Exhibiting at a trade show is one of the best ways to make a personal connection with current and future customers. It can also be quite an investment, leaving many companies weighing their options between renting or buying an exhibit.

There are benefits to both options, but a trade show booth rental is a cost-effective solution for many businesses. The following are a few reasons why renting a booth might be the right choice for your upcoming trade shows.

Your Company is Evolving

Buying a custom designed and built exhibit is a long-term commitment. You want your booth to represent your branding, but if your corporate objectives and marketing messages are still evolving, you need flexibility to match booth branding with your current direction.

Rental booths can evolve with your company. If you introduce new products or services, the display design can easily change to reflect new messaging.

A growing, evolving company could easily outgrow a purchased booth, but a rental can offer a fresh look that reflects the company’s current position in the marketplace.  You’ll have the flexibility to change the look and function of your custom trade show exhibit. This opens the door to experimenting with design configurations to see which will best serve your needs when the time is right to design a custom trade show booth.

The Pressure of a Limited Budget

On average, a custom exhibit could cost around three-to-four times more than a rental. If capital budgets are limited, go for a rental. You won’t sacrifice quality, but you’ll save on depreciation expenses that will impact bottom-line results over several years.

A successful trade show experience isn’t just limited to the booth. Renting allows you to save money, maximize your trade show ROI and gives you the chance to upgrade other exhibit features. You can use the money you’ve saved and put it towards staffing, giveaways and other marketing opportunities throughout the show.

Another budgetary factor to consider is the ongoing costs of booth ownership. Even when you’re not at a trade show, you’d incur costs to store and maintain the booth. If it’s damaged, your company covers the cost for repair and replacement.

Time is a Factor

How frequently does your company participate in trade shows? If it’s multiple times a year, it increases the likelihood of back-to-back show dates.  Shipping times between shows could be a factor.

If you purchase a booth, you can’t have it in two places at once. You’d have to invest even more money for additional booths. By renting, you can work with the exhibit company to create a program that offers flexibility when show dates are an issue.

Custom-Made Trade Show Rentals

Renting a trade show booth from Exhibitus gives you the ideal combination of convenience, flexibility and cost savings. We take the same approach with rentals as we do with custom purchases, understanding your needs and objectives for a great exhibit. The result is an engaging exhibit that speaks to your company’s messaging and entices trade show attendees.

Every company wants to save time, money and resources, which is why renting a booth could be the right option for your company to consider.  No matter your needs, we have smart solutions for your trade show exhibit. To learn more about our services, contact Exhibitus at 800-770-4392.