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Why You Should Invest in Custom Booth Displays

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Why You Should Invest in Custom Booth Displays

molnlycke-exhibitusThousands of companies participate in trade shows every year. They all share one common goal: to attract the interest of attendees, generating leads for their sales team and ultimately have a positive impact to the bottom line.

But consider the experience on the trade show floor from the attendee’s point of view. Picture yourself as a corporate buyer, industry executive or media representative looking to gather information to support a future purchase or recommendation of services. You’re walking around and observing the hundreds of businesses around you. The custom trade show exhibits seem nearly endless and they are all vying for your attention.

But which one gets you to stop and learn more about the products and services offered? One where the booth design is inviting and the messaging is intriguing would appear to be a wise stop. To create such a compelling destination, you’ll need a custom environment design with brand differentiation that speaks directly to the target audience.

The last thing you want to do as an event marketer is to invest large amounts of time, energy and resources into an exhibit that doesn’t provide a good return on investment. There are many trade show exhibit designers that offer both rental and purchase options. But not every exhibit manufacturer offers trade show booth design. To take your trade show program to the next level, you will need to partner with a custom exhibit house.

What to Look for in a Custom Booth Display Designer

So what should you look for in a custom exhibit house?

Look for a custom design house that offers a highly collaborative process. Designing your exhibit should begin with a two-way conversation between you and the design team, and the conversation should continue until the project is completed.

During the initial phase, your design partner should take the time to understand your company’s vision, objectives, and personality, and then infuse these elements into your custom environment design. Through collaboration focused on innovation and consistency of brand and messaging, a high-quality, fully-customized booth display will evolve.

You are already making an investment when you choose to participate in a trade show. Allow Exhibitus to create a custom environment specifically tailored to your brand. When you partner with us, you get a more than a made-to-order display – you get a team of exceptionally qualified designers who are committed to your company’s success.

Contact us today at 800.770.4392 so we can help you inspire genuine excitement about your brand with a custom environment design.