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Are You Ready for Exhibit Booth Ownership?

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Are You Ready for Exhibit Booth Ownership?

Trade Show Display Rentals 3D Model of Trade Show Exhibit | ExhibitusMany companies use trade show booth rentals on the exhibit floor. While rentals offer many advantages, exhibit booth ownership can take your trade show marketing to the next level. It’s a big investment, but there are quite a few items to be considered beyond just the price. Are you contemplating a new custom trade show exhibit for your company? Here are a few things to keep in mind to see if ownership is the right move.

One Design, Multiple Shows

Booth ownership is cost effective if you intend to use the same floor plan at the majority of the shows you attend.  You can change out the graphics, but leave the infrastructure of the design in place. If you exhibit three or more times a year, purchasing your exhibit can actually save you money.

Rentals may be a fraction of the price upfront, but multiple rentals add up over the course of the year. Invest in buying a custom design with quality craftsmanship, and you can use it for years to come.

Complete Customization

Rentals can be customized, but ownership takes it to a whole new level. Every detail can be custom-fit to your brand identity and program objectives.  Purchasing an exhibit frees you of the limitations that can come with a rental. Unique product displays? Custom hanging structure? Printed flooring with your logo? Profile wall cut with your tagline? The sky’s the limit with a completely custom display.

Buy If You’re Going Big

Renting a booth most likely will be cost effective when it’s a smaller exhibit size. However, as size expands, the cost to buy typically becomes more economical than to rent. Increasing the size also increases the labor and transportation costs.

A large, purchased exhibit can be created to be modular in build. This allows you to create multiple smaller exhibits out of one large one, extending the value of your exhibit. No matter the show space you exhibit in, you’ll have brand consistency and recognition.

Factor in Ownership Expenses

Buying a booth comes with extra, ongoing costs. You’ll be responsible for the storage and maintenance of your exhibit. If the booth is damaged, you’ll need to cover repair costs.

Fortunately, many companies can deduct the cost of the booth and its deprecation, off-setting corporate taxes.  This can help justify ownership costs.

Work with a Custom Design House

Whether you rent or buy your trade show exhibit, working with a custom design house makes all the difference. At Exhibitus, we take the time to understand your company, your brand and your marketing vision. Our exhibits help you reach your audience, resonate with prospects and increase your trade show ROI.

Ready for exhibit booth ownership? Contact us at 800-770-4392 for a free consultation.