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4 Tips for Choosing the Best Trade Show Booth Rental Company

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4 Tips for Choosing the Best Trade Show Booth Rental Company

Trade Show Display Rentals Client Business Meeting | ExhibitusTrade show booth rentals give companies the look of a custom exhibit without the cost and long-term commitment of ownership. However, not all rental companies provide the same level of service. Choosing the wrong exhibit company can be a costly mistake. A poorly designed booth could be detrimental to meeting your program’s objectives.

Don’t let your company’s trade show experience be hampered by bad design. Use these four tips to choose the best trade show booth rental company for your exhibit needs.

1. Look for Industry Experience

Trade shows are a great marketing opportunity, but only if your trade show booth design is the quality deserving of your brand. When researching design companies, look for ones with a legacy of attractive exhibits that generate results.

Time in business is important, but it’s not the only factor to consider. You should also ask how many displays the design firm produces per year, and how much of their business is from repeat customers. A quality rental company entices clients to repeat their experience — not seek services elsewhere because their first design didn’t meet objectives.

2. Get References & Portfolios

Getting and contacting references gives you key insights about exhibit rental companies. When talking to customer, here are some topics to keep in mind:

  • Did the exhibit company stick to the budget and deadline?
  • How did they handle any issues that occurred during the design process?
  • What kind of customer service did they provide?

Understanding the experiences that customers have had in the past  verifies the credibility of the rental company.

Take the time to explore the exhibit builder’s website as well. Do they have photos of their design work? Their portfolio will reflect their abilities, letting you know whether they’re capable of delivering the type of exhibit you envision based on your marketing goals.

3.  Understand Where Your Booth Will Be Designed and Built

Be wary of exhibit designers that lack a design and manufacturing facility. Oftentimes, this means they subcontract the work, meaning you don’t know who’s actually building your booth design. When researching trade show design companies, request an onsite meeting. This allows you to meet the people who will design and build your rental exhibit.

4. Seek Great Customer Service

You should never feel like you’re getting “just a rental” when talking to design companies. Renting shouldn’t take away from the design quality or customer service you receive. Walk away from any company that makes you feel undervalued or not taking your needs seriously. An emphasis on customer service means the design company will be easy to work with and will play an active role in your trade show success.

Some exhibit design companies may limit what you can get when renting a booth. At Exhibitus, we put the same level of detail and customization into our rental exhibits as those being purchased.

Explore our rental portfolio to see examples of our previous designs. Then, contact us at 800-770-4392 for a free consultation to discuss your booth rental needs.