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When to Engage an Exhibit Design Consultant

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When to Engage an Exhibit Design Consultant

When to Engage an Exhibit Design Consultant | Exhibitus

Planning a successful custom trade show exhibit requires many different skill sets, from setting the objectives for the show, to designing an attention-grabbing exhibit, to installing that exhibit on the trade show floor.

An exhibit design company  offers a level of  expertise and creativity that can’t be accomplished alone. They understand that many companies need the option to choose between a trade show booth rental and a custom-built exhibit, both of which must appropriately represent their brand and messaging.  

Here are some tips for when its time to engage an exhibit design consultant.

Rental Flexibility

An exhibit design consultant can help you decide whether you should rent or purchase a booth for an upcoming conference or show. They’ll evaluate your budget, your need for customization and the amount of time until the show opens to help determine which option fits your situation.

Renting exhibits often make sense due to the low upfront cost, the ability to reconfigure the design and size based on each show, and the lack of maintenance and storage fees.  Selecting an exhibit house that has abroad range of experience and a large selection of rentals displays is key when searching for a design company.

Storage is Important

If you decide that you would like to purchase an exhibit, understanding your exhibit partner’s storage capabilities is imperative. Even if you have the space to store an exhibit, transporting the booth is a very expensive, laborious process.

Before you commit to an exhibit partner, explore their warehousing options. Do they have a central storage location? Is warehousing included in the price? Can you preview the booth as its being built? These are all options premier companies should have available.

Finance Communication

Due to its unique and proprietary nature, quoting a price for a custom booth can be a difficult process. Once the quote is proposed, a qualified design company should be able to work within it.

If they go over budget, they should communicate why they need excess money and get your approval first. Also, make sure the builder agrees to provide you with project deadlines, progress and cost updates along the way.

Providing Results

A high quality, engaging booth is worth the investment, but it’s important to be able to prove that, especially when the budgeting process  comes around next year.  Seek an exhibit design house that has inhouse capability to measure programs, one that will examine your total investment including transportation and set-up costs, space rental, booth design, staff time and travel expenses. Then, they’ll review the total value your participation generated at the tradeshow to give you a quantifiable payback ratio.

Exhibitus is unique since it’s the only design firm with a Results Division. We’ll help you make adjustments and optimizations to improve your exhibit with every show. Your success is our success. Start stealing the show with your custom trade show booth by contacting us today!