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Invincible Island: Understanding the Science of an Exhibition Floor Plan

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Invincible Island: Understanding the Science of an Exhibition Floor Plan

Understanding the Science of an Exhibit Floor Plan | Exhibitus

When it comes to the layout of your custom trade show exhibit design, understanding the science behind the floor plan is crucial. Without a thorough idea of how your exhibit will be designed, you won’t achieve the results you want and your design won’t be effective. Creating an invincible custom island is all about the design decisions made behind the scenes.

Here are a few helpful tips to consider when designing your floor plan.

Ask the Right Questions Before Creating Your Exhibit Floor Plan

What is the best kind of floor plan for your exhibit?

Choosing a successful layout starts by assessing your business and event objectives, the types of trade shows you’re attending and the budget you have been allotted. . By determining what your business wants to achieve by its participation and what it wants to communicate to attendees, you can decide which trade shows have the greatest potential to generate leads.

From there, figuring out the most beneficial trade shows for your line of business will help to determine your exhibit size, and ultimately the layout of your floor plan. A custom island design is one of the best floor plans available because of the flexibility it offers for traffic flow configuration and engagement opportunities, making it easy for staff to interact with attendees. You can configure the space for brand visibility no matter what show you attend or where you are located in the exhibition hall.

Why is having a good exhibition floor plan important?

Have you ever been to a trade show as an attendee and visited a booth that was disorganized or confusing to navigate? That is likely because their floor plan was not well designed.

Trade show booths exist to convert interested visitors into qualified sales leads – and the only way to accomplish that goal is to have a layout that appeals to your visitors’ subconscious desire for an interactive, engaging experience at a booth that boasts a polished design. By using a custom design for your island exhibit, you get a display that showcases the appeal of your brand and is guaranteed to generate the interest you’re looking for.

Creating a Pathway that Guarantees a Success Trade Show Exhibit

Creating a visual pathway for your visitors to follow can be very helpful for both you and them.

First, it benefits you because you get to choose a layout that can specifically highlight certain things about your company, such as a product you want to draw attention to or a new promotion you’re offering. Whatever it is about your company that you want prospects to engage with, you can guide and direct them using visual elements like lighting, flooring styles, brand messaging, or entry and exit points.

Second, a well-designed layout benefits your visitors since you’ve already done the hard work of creating a traffic flow pattern for them. They can now walk through and enjoy, focusing on the products or services you highlight in your engagement activities. Instead of having to search for or investigate what your business has to offer, a custom island exhibit can incorporate your brand message into the design so that it resonates loud and clear. This makes an impression on attendees and attracts them to your exhibit.

Once they are there, a good exhibition floor plan makes it easy for prospects to experience your exhibit offerings, learn more about your products and services, and have that all important conversation with your staff that will take them to the next step in the sales cycle.

Ready to discover how a custom island design can transform your event marketing? Contact Exhibitus today and let’s start talking.