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Outdoor Exhibits 101

Outdoor Exhibits 101 | Exhibitus

Outdoor trade shows and events give businesses the opportunity to interact with potential customers in creative and unique ways that aren’t possible in the indoor space. However, in order for attendees and your staff  to have the best possible chance for positive interactions, it’s important that your trade show design considers all aspects of the environment in which it will be locatedWith careful planning and a bit of creative thinking, outdoor exhibits (sometimes referred to as static displays) can be rewarding for exhibitors and attendees alike. Here’s what you need to know to make your outdoor trade show exhibits a success.

Plan for the Weather

One of the biggest concerns when exhibiting outdoors is the weather. Attendee experience is greatly impacted by the time of year and show location. Be sure to plan “just in case” and “worst case” scenarios like extreme temperatures, windy conditions and rain. Even if the weather is perfect, it’s still a good idea to provide overhead shelter with a tent or canopy. Advertising your space where attendees can escape the rain, come in from the cold or beat the heat will go a long way to helping you get noticed and drawing people in to your space.

Know the Landscape

Indoor trade shows are consistent and predictable in terms of booth placement and floor plan, but the same is not true for outdoors. Once you settle on a location, take the time to survey your site.  This will let you plan for hills, potholes, traffic flow and surrounding architecture. Knowing the ins and outs of your space before devising your exhibit or event design helps ensure it can withstand outdoor conditions, as well as be in the best position to attract the attention you deserve.

Design for Durability

While some companies take a display they’ve used at indoor events and bring it outside, a custom design that’s specifically built for outdoor usage will help protect it from the elements. Sun exposure will fade logos and other printed design elements, making your exhibit look unattractive and unprofessional. Vinyl banners are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, as are banners made with durable and weatherproof polyester fabric. Be sure that any equipment you’re using outdoors is mounted securely to keep it in place in the event of rain or that sudden gust of wind.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Big

Outdoor exhibits give you the opportunity to get creative with height, structural mass, live demos and noise levels. Since you’re not confined to a crowded exhibit hall, you can use presentations or music to draw intrigued attendees over to your space. Hands-on product demos are a great way to let buyers experience your product, especially if it’s meant to be used outdoors.

Running an outdoor exhibit or event lets you learn more about potential customers while interacting with them in an exciting environment. This expands your marketing efforts while identifying new and creative ways to sell your brand. Contact Exhibitus today at 800.770.4392 to start collaborating on a custom design for your company’s next trade show event.