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Three Trends in Tradeshow Design at the Forefront for 2017

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Three Trends in Tradeshow Design at the Forefront for 2017


Tradeshow Trends for 2017 | ExhibitusTrade shows are a staple of the annual marketing mix but events, like other marketing efforts, need to be updated every year. Over the course of a year, various factors can influence the need for a refresh, from major industry fluctuations to changes in the company’s business model. Attendee’s expectations can also change over time. One year it’s all about swag and promotional giveaways. The next year it’s all about the networking events.

Savvy event marketers know how to leverage the trends that matter. These are the trends that increase traffic to their exhibits.  The best way to leverage these trends is to work with a custom exhibit design house. The right designer can help you facilitate memorable interactions between prospects and your brand.

Here are three trade show design trends you should consider in 2017.

Using Exhibit Design to Enhance Experience

One trend that has recently emerged is using design to enhance attendees’ experience once they arrived at your exhibit booth. Many companies are using design to transform exhibit spaces into lounge-style areas with furniture arrangements to match.

A custom-designed exhibit can turn a routine trade show into a personalized, VIP experience. Work with a custom design house to create exhibits with an inviting ambiance, comfortable seating and attractive lighting that sets the mood while showcasing your products. This approach invites prospects into your space for conversation instead of just a product demonstration. You can even incorporate tables and bars with food and beverages that align with your theme and brand identity.

Using Technology to Enhance Exhibit Design

This year, event marketers are moving toward maximizing their use of technology at trade shows. There are several ways to take advantage of this trend. For example, you can incorporate touch screen displays and use tablets to create personalized presentations tailored to each prospect based on answers to your questions. This allows you to cater to specific demographics among trade show attendees and generate more qualified sales leads. You can also use LED monitors to display brand messaging about your company and engaging videos about your customers’ use of your products.

Right-Sizing Exhibits Through Custom Design

The size of your exhibit space certainly impacts how you go about creating a unique experience for your prospects. While size is an important factor, larger exhibits don’t automatically translate to more traffic to your location.

A number of companies are streamlining their exhibit spaces to maximize the impact.  That may mean reducing the size of an island exhibit, or in some cases companies are turning to custom inline displays that use an even smaller footprint on the trade show floor, while still bringing brands to life and getting noticed by attendees.  Collaborate with a custom design house to create an efficient smaller island or inline exhibit that attracts prospects through strong brand messaging, eye-catching graphics and bold colors that stand out on the trade show floor. Also, if appropriately incorporated into a design, an engagement area can provide additional energy to your booth so that attendees can’t resist learning more.

Ready to start setting some trends of your own? Contact Exhibitus today at 800.770.4392 to get started collaborating on a custom exhibit design for your company’s next trade show event.