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Cool Custom Islands Incorporate LED Lighting

So you’ve mapped the perfect layout and designed eye-catching graphics—but have you thought about how you’ll illuminate your custom trade show exhibit? Without a creative lighting strategy, the best visuals in the world can get lost amidst the sea of competing vendors.

Exhibit lighting is a powerful tool that sets the tone for your whole environment. Not only does it have the capacity to influence the overall story you wish to communicate, it also directs your audience’s gaze towards the elements you don’t want anyone to miss.

Design houses that specialize in trade show island design take lighting techniques into account right from the start, ensuring that illumination is a primary consideration rather than an afterthought. The right design team will think of trade show lighting as a design element and use it to attract visitors to your display.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are among the most dynamic trade show lighting elements being used today. With diverse applications and numerous advantages over traditional lighting fixtures, LEDs offer trade show vendors innovative solutions for highlighting their products and services on the convention floor.

Shine a Light on Your Brand with LED Backlit Displays

Backlit fabric displays create dramatic backdrops for exhibit environments and are ideal for prominently featuring your brand’s image. Stretched over aluminum framing, graphics printed on opaque tension fabric are brought to life by strips of LED lights mounted magnetically to the metal framework, illuminating the image from behind.

These freestanding units come in a variety of shapes and dimensions, making them suitable for any size display. Some backlit displays feature a concave orientation that can give your exhibit a more immersive feel. From behind the fabric, LEDs cast an even glow, creating a vibrant image while removing the distracting “hot spots” that conventional lighting can produce.

Unlike trade show exhibits of the past that required substantial truss systems to support heavy lighting equipment, the compact LED strips that illuminate fabric displays eliminate the need for cumbersome rigging and complex display architecture. Since they are constructed using fabric and lightweight aluminum framing, even the largest backlit units can be both portable and easy to assemble.

Direct Prospects to Your Trade Show Exhibit with LED Fixtures

While a single backlit display panel will certainly enhance your custom island, truly show-stopping exhibits incorporate LED lighting all throughout the exhibit environment. With a prominent LED backlit display serving as the visual anchor, secondary LED display elements can complement the scene with alluring focal points, delivering your brand’s message with a consistent and captivating aesthetic.

Custom Island Exhibit | Exhibitus
LED-powered light towers

LED-powered light towers provide a 360-degree surface with which to herald your brand, offering maximum visual impact with minimal footprint. Placed strategically throughout your exhibit, these striking displays can be used to indicate an entrance point or help direct the flow of foot traffic within your space. And since they often come with a rechargeable battery option, there’s no need to worry about locating them near a power source.

Similarly, lightbox displays are a great way to highlight key information points or further emphasize your brand through glowing graphics. With LED strips diffusing light from behind taught fabric panels, two-sided lightboxes can add dimension to your exhibit while reaffirming your message with enticing visuals.

Integrative Lighting Solutions for Custom Island Exhibits

Because of their longevity and low energy consumption, LEDs are the most economical option for trade show lighting. And they’re a smart investment for exhibitors who want to showcase with a modern aesthetic that quickly captures the attention of prospects.

The design team at Exhibitus would love to collaborate with you on creative lighting solutions that integrate LEDs into your custom island exhibit. To find out how Exhibitus can help you shine at your next trade show, contact us today at 800.770.4392.