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5 Top Tips for Incorporating Music in Trade Show Environments

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5 Top Tips for Incorporating Music in Trade Show Environments

There are many important things to consider when designing your trade show exhibit experience. Awe-inspiring custom trade show exhibits, brand-affiliated color themes, and thoughtful, effective lighting options are just a few of the essential elements to think about.

But what about trade show marketing strategies that incorporate music in your custom environment? If you decide to incorporate this element, the music you choose and how you integrate it with other engagement activities in the booth are much more complex considerations than you may have initially thought.  Here are top tips in preparing for this endeavor.

Custom Island Exhibits Are Ideal for Music

While you certainly can use music in any type of exhibit, an island environment is ideal to best use it to your advantage. Since trade show island designs are generally designed with distinct areas for multiple engagements, choosing this layout provides the opportunity to be creative about the way you incorporate music and blending it into the attendee experience.

Create a Haven for Trade Show Prospects

With an island environment, you can create an ambient, quiet, relaxing atmosphere that can be a haven for tired attendees. Using the soft sounds of classical music, you can help your visitors unwind from all the hustle and bustle of the exhibition hall, enjoying their stay inside your exhibit while learning more about what your company has to offer.

Motion-Sensor Music Areas for Your Trade Show Exhibit

You can also create motion-sensor areas within your custom exhibit environment that activate when someone walks by. By doing this, you can grab attention with ear-catching music and highlight a specific service you offer, or perhaps use it to cue a pre-recorded audio presentation that describes the purpose and function of one of your products. Details like this make your exhibit exciting, engaging and appealing to prospects, while simultaneously educating them about your business.

Use Headphone Stations in Your Trade Show Exhibit

If you don’t have a lot of physical space or you’d rather not interrupt important conversations with background music, not to worry – a headphone station is an optimal choice. Instead of having a speaker system playing music out in the open, you can designate a specific location where visitors can pick up a pair of headphones if they want to listen or learn more.  This offers the visitor a personal audio experience that allows for concentrated focus.

Trade Show the Musical: The Dilemma of Licensing

So you’ve decided you want to stream a popular radio station or even use a mix of your own favorite songs you feel will set the right mood to help you promote and sell your product. Great! That’s all there is to it, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

When it comes to using music that other people have created, there is a little hurdle to get through called “licensing.” Laws regarding copyrighted music state that whenever an artist’s music is being used publicly for the purposes of selling a product, the artist must be compensated for it.

Therefore, you will need a license to play music from a popular radio station, a streaming service or even a playlist made from your personal computer. Otherwise, you could be facing a hefty fine should the copyright owner discover that you used their music without expressed permission or proper licensing.  You can also investigate royalty-free music options as well, should you choose to avoid the issue altogether.

To discover more creative ways to incorporate fun features like music, food, or social media into your next trade show environment, contact Exhibitus today.