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If You Were Stranded on an Island: 3 Essentials to Remember for Your Next Event

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If You Were Stranded on an Island: 3 Essentials to Remember for Your Next Event

An overview of any trade show floor makes it apparent that island exhibits are meant to stand out from the inline displays that line the perimeter or flank the aisles. Larger and more feature-laden, trade show islands are designed to visually dominate the convention and boldly communicate each company’s message.

However, size and prominence alone won’t ensure that attendees find their way into your island exhibit. Vague messaging that doesn’t entice visitors, physical or visual boundaries, and lack of interactive elements can inhibit prospective customers from engaging with your brand.

Partnering with exhibit design experts can provide you with a trade show island design that helps you avoid costly flaws. Exhibit designers also know how to incorporate features that can help you generate a higher volume of convention traffic and, ultimately, garner more leads.

Entice Prospects with Strategic Visuals in Your Trade Show Exhibit

Your trade show booth design is not merely the space in which your products or services are featured. Rather, the display itself can serve as a medium for visually communicating your company’s message and culture, as well as its offerings.

While some written text may be necessary, it should be used sparingly and intentionally. The mantra “show, don’t tell” applies here. The focus should be on highlighting a few key products or services and informing visitors about your brand through striking images rather than just in words.

Since your island exhibit will be accessible from multiple directions, it’s crucial to ensure that your brand’s message is clearly visible from every angle and from a distance. Exhibit exteriors can be used to hint what you’re offering, enticing visitors to step inside and take a closer look.

And having a bold, substantial visual anchor will magnetize passersby, drawing both their gaze and their feet towards the heart of your exhibit.

Eliminate Boundaries to Attract Customers to Your Trade Show Exhibit

Although your island exhibit may have not have literal barricades blocking its entrances, some design features have the power to project a perceived boundary and may dissuade curious attendees from visiting your booth.

If not integrated properly, exhibit fixtures such as demo stations or partitions for interactive engagements may serve as a hindrance to visitors entering and engaging with your space. Consider how traffic will flow into and throughout your display. Will prospects be able to easily gather information and interact with your products in a meaningful fashion?

Providing plenty of unobstructed physical space at the entrance points will help draw prospects in, while allowing ample margins around key display points will offer attendees a safe and comfortable experience as they navigate your exhibit.

Engage Visitors with Interactive Elements in Your Trade Show Exhibit

Employing interactive features in your custom island exhibit is a proven way to increase attendee engagement and brand recall. Instead of merely sending information out, you can draw visitors into your story through something as simple as demo stations where customers can test out your products for themselves.

Many trade show booths incorporate static looping video displays. Adopting touch screens programmed with a series of video segments that visitors can choose based on their interests takes that technology one step further, inviting visitors to shift from being passive observers to active participants.

Not only are customers given a more efficient means of obtaining relevant information, the right analytic tools can afford you a glimpse into which videos your visitors tend to engage with most, and thus which of your product features or services offered  generate the most interest for your target audience.

Implementing these essential design elements into your next custom island exhibit will ensure that you’re a dynamic presence on the trade show floor and allow you to maximize the return on your investment.

To find out how the designers at Exhibitus can collaborate with your team and bring your custom island exhibit to life, give us a call at 800.770.4392.