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7 Deadly Sins to Avoid with Custom Island Design

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7 Deadly Sins to Avoid with Custom Island Design

Choosing the right trade show island design is an important decision. There are a number of different factors and design elements that can impact your exhibit’s success, for better or for worse. So how do you know which choices could negatively affect your custom trade show exhibit, and how do you avoid them?

Here are the seven “deadly sins” of custom island design, and how you can steer clear of them.

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Avoid These Trade Show Exhibit Mistakes

Choosing an Island Design that Doesn’t Align with Your Brand Identity

With so many options to choose from when it comes to your custom island design, identifying the best fit for your brand and your budget can seem almost impossible. Even with a trendy exhibit, if it doesn’t align with your brand identity, it can leave your visitors with an unclear sense of your company’s message and product and services you offer.

Plus, an unclear or undefined brand identity doesn’t stand out among hundreds of other exhibitors. In order to create a custom island design that will “wow” visitors and make their experience in your booth memorable, it’s important to partner with a design house that can help you align your brand, your message and your exhibit.

Going Too Big or Too Small with Your Exhibit Size

This mistake is two sides of the same convention coin. Choosing an exhibit size that is either too large or too small can have a negative impact on your bottom line.

If your exhibit is too big, you risk spending precious resources on something that may stretch your budget. And if your exhibit doesn’t have the success that you anticipated, you can potentially lose on your investment.

Similarly, an exhibit that is too small risks crowding attendees so that it becomes uncomfortable to interact with them in a meaningful way, or you may simply miss out on opportunities due to being unapproachable.  Also, the crowd could obscure product messaging that you would want each attendee to observe.

Trying to Stretch Your Budget by Using Lower Quality Materials

Using low-grade materials to construct your exhibit so you can fill a bigger exhibit space is never a good idea.  The problem with this is that even though your exhibit might look larger, it might suggest to attendees that your lack of attention to quality could carry over to your products or services.  Also, the booth might require repairs sooner, or worse, not be useable for any future shows. A shorter life would require another major investment in a new booth sooner than expected. Trading in quality for size might seem like a smart move–but in the long run, your company will benefit far more from a smaller, but high-quality build.

Steer Clear of These Trade Show Exhibit Mistakes

Ineffective Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important choices you’ll make when it comes to trade show design. With a custom island, lighting can seem like the easiest thing to compromise on if you’re trying to save pennies. However, good lighting in an exhibit can really make the difference between attendees who just pass by and prospects who engage with your brand.

Not Considering Exhibit Rental

Many event marketers think that the only option is to purchase a trade show exhibit outright. However, renting is an alternative that gives you flexibility and is easier on the budget.

Renting your exhibit gives you the opportunity to try different things in your custom island, such as a new layout, different furniture or various lighting styles.

Renting isn’t just for startups, either. Because it requires no storage costs, many established corporations choose to rent their exhibits as well.

Not Measuring Your Trade Show Results

Using company resources for a marketing opportunity like a trade show is a significant investment. And as with all investments, you want to know that what you are doing will ultimately pay off in dividends.

One common mistake many people make with their custom island design is not tracking data during or after the show.  The only way to assess the success of your participation is to measure your results.

With data on audience impressions, number of leads generated, and dollars saved, you can demonstrate the value of your trade show investment to company leaders.

Choosing a Design House Who Isn’t Invested in Your Message

There are dozens of companies to choose from when it comes to picking your design house. But one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to put your custom island into the hands of someone who isn’t invested in your message.  Make sure that your designer understands your goals and objectives and is as committed to your exhibit program’s success as you are.

The easiest way to avoid making many of these mistakes is to team up with a design team who specializes in creating custom islands. Exhibitus can create a custom island that is guaranteed to be a successful investment for you. Contact us today and speak with one of our team members to get started.