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4 Emojis that Describe Custom Environment Design

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4 Emojis that Describe Custom Environment Design

Emojis that Describe Custom Environment Design | Exhibitus

When you make an investment in a trade show exhibit, there are a number of important steps to take in order to arrive at the final product. As with any design process, there is a level of emotional investment that goes into the piece being designed.

As an event marketer, many of your responsibilities require rigorous attention, not emotional commitment. But if you are investing in a custom exhibit design, you will experience various sentiments as you work with your design team. Here are four emojis that demonstrate what you might expect as creative ideas become reality.

Thinking Emoji | ExhibitusThe Thinking Face – Where Collaborative Ideation Meets Creativity

If you’re working with a good design team, then the first step they will take is to collaborate with you directly. This phase is when they gather as much information as possible about your business objectives and your brand in order to create a design language that will help you reach your goals for event marketing activities.

Once they have an in-depth  understanding of your brand identity, these designers will create a one-of-a-kind environment guaranteed to attract more visitors and effectively promote your message at a trade show.

Heart Eyes Emoji | ExhibitusThe Heart Eyes Face – When Your Design is Finished and You’re Ready to Go

There is always a certain level of excitement that comes with taking your company to a trade show and showcasing what you have to offer. One of the moments you’ll anticipate the most is when your design house reveals the end result of your collaboration with them.

If you’ve worked side-by-side with your designer throughout the production process, you’ll know what the final exhibit will look like, at least on paper. But there’s nothing like the first time seeing your design concept come to life in physical form, thanks to the expert skills of professional craftspeople.

Relieved Emoji | ExhibitusRelieved Face – How You Feel When You Know You Made a Good Investment

Your company resources are extremely valuable. So when you choose to have a designer create an exhibit that is infused with your brand identity, rather than selecting a generic booth, you’ll see what a difference a custom design makes on the trade show floor.

With a custom environment design, your exhibit will proudly amplify your brand message while offering an inviting space that will intrigue prospects. With more targets drawn to your booth, the opportunity to meet your objectives will increase. And that in itself is enough to give you a sense of relief when it’s show time.

Happy Emoji | ExhibitusHappy Face – When It’s All Said and Done and Your Leads Are Through the Roof

Perhaps the best emoji to describe a custom environment design is the “Happy Face with Eyes Open.”  After many hours of hard work designing an exhibit with the ultimate goal of accomplishing your objectives and generating a greater number of sales leads for your business, when the fruits of your labor show those results, this is the kind of expression you can expect to have on your face.

A custom environment design is an investment on many levels, but happy is an understatement when referring to the increase in business you’ll generate for your company because of the magnetic pull your exhibit will have on attendees.

At Exhibitus, we’ve found that the heart-eyes emoji is a fairly accurate representation of how people respond after seeing the exhibit we’ve designed for them and the happy face emoji is what our clients look like when their trade show experience with us is complete.

If you’re ready for a trade show exhibit that will make you smile, contact Exhibitus. Our award-winning team of custom exhibit designers and craftspeople will work together with you to create a one-of-a-kind exhibit experience that drives prospects to your business.