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Above the Trade Show Floor

Drones are allowing photographers to capture images and design details that in the past would be nearly impossible to access – and that includes high up above a trade show floor.

Yamaha Marine is the market-share leader worldwide for outboard motor sales, supplying products into more than 180 countries. To launch the company’s new “Reliability Starts Here” initiative, Yamaha recently introduced a large, exciting trade show booth design by Exhibitus.

The custom trade show exhibit was an impressive destination from the start, taking the “BEST DISPLAY” award at the Minneapolis Boat Show in January – Congratulations, Team Yamaha!

Despite the award-winning design, capturing a “WOW” photo of the booth proved challenging due to size and the configuration of the many components within the environment. Photos of the individual product displays were impressive, but it was hard to get the full visual impact of the entire exhibit in one shot.

It turns out that a drone was the answer! At the Miami Boat Show in February, Exhibitus employed a drone to take high-quality video as well as still photos. Take a look and enjoy the ride through the exhibit.