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5 Awesome Tech Ideas to Add to Your Next Trade Show Exhibit   

In this highly digital age, technology is all around us, and you can develop strategies on how to best incorporate technology through experiential marketing. Companies rely on technology to represent their brand, generate awareness, and increase customer loyalty. When it comes to planning out your next trade show experience exhibit, make sure to develop sound strategies for increasing engagement by incorporating technology in unique and innovative ways.

Technology has many use factors, and brands can utilize technology to communicate with their target audience more effectively. Continue reading to learn more about the connection between technology and experiential marketing strategies, along with five awesome tech ideas for your trade show program.

Incorporating Technology into Your Experiential Marketing Strategy

An experiential marketing strategy will strike a balance between flashy and functional. While you want to attract a target audience, you also want to ensure they engage with your products or learn more about your service capabilities when they visit your exhibit. The way you incorporate technology into your trade show booth will make significant headway for achieving your goals for the event.

The use of technology can captivate your audience with targeted presentations and interactive virtual experiences. You also want to have a confident and competent team in place to set up, run, and troubleshoot various technologies to ensure your trade show exhibit runs smoothly.

5 Cool Tech Ideas to Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

From interactive digital presentations to virtual product walkthroughs, technology can help your trade show experience stand out for attendees. Check out these five cool tech ideas for ways to help your trade show booth both attract attention and make a lasting impression on everyone who visits your space.

Get Creative by Merging Design & Technology

Your trade show exhibit design should seamlessly incorporate technology for the best user experience. Attendees will more likely stick around and interact with your brand if the technology is woven into the design of the space. A custom trade show exhibit will allow you to merge design and technology to provide a lasting impact at shows.

Devices, touch screens, and interactive interfaces can all play a big role in the creative design of your experiential exhibit. Think of how much effort you put into reaching your target audience even before you set foot on the trade show floor. Whether through social media or other targeted marketing outreach, you can incorporate technologically savvy ways of appreciating those customers who interact with your brand and help generate buzz through featured posts, giveaways, and other opportunities.

Host Interactive Games in Your Booth

Consider hosting interactive games at your trade show booth to draw your audience in and encourage engagement. When you gamify your trade show experience, use new and cutting-edge technologies that will intrigue audiences. One strategy is to use familiar or nostalgic games that incorporate key features of your brand, product, or services. Another option is to create a leaderboard display that sparks the competitive spirit of attendees. Consider drawing your audience in through social media contests, gaming apps, or even offering a virtual prize wheel. Don’t forget to incorporate branded swag and other prizes for your winners!

Take Advantage of Augmented & Virtual Reality Experience

Augmented and virtual reality experiences at a trade show offer an exciting, immersive experience for your audience. Augmented reality incorporates both real and virtual-world experiences for a more memorable interaction. Augmented reality can also help you enhance a product demonstration when you can’t always bring the product into your trade show booth.

Virtual reality content can be a way for the audience to take a walk through your building, explore recent projects, or even experience another event you have planned. Creating virtual reality content does not have to be a significant burden on your creative design team. Instead, consider brief and unique virtual reality experiences that will make a lasting impression on your audience. A fully immersive VR experience that is accessible and short will also allow you to reach a wider audience while at the trade show.

Install Hero-Scale Screens to Grab the Audiences’ Attention

Invest in eye-catching custom trade show booth displays with huge screens, different large panels, or even full video walls. Everyone knows that attracting people’s attention in the digital age has become even more challenging. Installing giant screens will have the bonus of attracting audience attention from farther away and encouraging more foot traffic to your booth. The sheer size of vibrant screens will also offer a much more accessible experience for a diverse audience. Large screens, video walls, and even LED floors also provide the opportunity for you to expand your branded content opportunities throughout the booth.

Outshine the traditional displays of your competitors when you incorporate large-scale technology into the walls and floors of your trade show booth for a full head-to-toe experience. Custom trade show booths allow you to work with a creative team on the best ways to merge design with technology in ways that enhance your overall branded engagement experience.

Utilize Tablets & Smartphones for Tracking & Social Media Networking

Everyone walks around with a smartphone these days, so how can you catch and hold their attention? One of the best ways to engage with your target audience is through social media networking. Consider experiential marketing strategies that incorporate social media before, during, and after the show to reach your audience no matter where they are.

You can also think practically about the needs of your audience and trade show attendees. A simple gesture like offering charging stations at your exhibit can go a long way toward creating time for positive interactions and associations with your brand.. Both smartphones and tablets can be used to gather leads as well as information about potential clients.  Social media can be a powerful motivator for people to interact with your brand, and a solid experiential marketing strategy will incorporate ideas for inspiring social media discussion long after the trade show has ended.  Plus, every social impression adds value to the overall investment for the show!

Explore the Benefits of Experiential Marketing Today

Experiential marketing offers a chance to stand out from your competitors and keep your experiential marketing from looking like everyone else’s. While some traditional marketing strategies will always have lasting power, there are ways to incorporate those strategies into 21st-century technology investments to attract and intrigue a trade show audience.

Get the most out of technology at your trade show booth and consider all the various technologies available to you for the best return on your investment. Smartphones and tablets can help track and manage your progress by signing up potential clients, keeping track of potential leads, and encouraging social media engagement. Video, augmented reality, and virtual reality displays will help make your exhibit stand out and showcase your brand. A great technological showcase will incorporate tech in a strategic way that helps your brand stay front and center in the minds of trade show audiences.

Let Exhibitus and its team of creatives develop a custom trade show exhibit that uses technology to draw attendees and build your brand awareness for your next experiential marketing event. Contact us to learn more.