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Add Trade Show Value with Creative Booth Design

Exhibiting at a trade show puts your brand in front of people who may not have found you otherwise. Successful engagement through an informative, need-focused conversation turns prospects into established, valuable customers.

Nothing is worse than investing funds in an exhibit space, only to leave without generating enough qualified leads to meet your program’s goals and objectives. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to increase your total value for investment, including design tactics.

Thoughtful exhibit design facilitates visitor interest and engagement, both key to capturing targeted leads. If you want to increase your experiential marketing success, start with an attractive and well-designed booth that visually promotes your brand and welcomes your target audience.

Get Creative

There will be trade show attendees that miss your pre-show marketing or haven’t heard of your company. Attracting them to your space is a great way to increase engagement. Creative exhibit designs will naturally draw visitors your way while showcasing your brand’s personality.

Themed exhibits are a great way to stand out from the crowd. This approach works best when the theme relates to your unique selling proposition. Who are you, what do you do and how do you do it better than your competitors? Identify what sets you apart from the rest, and develop imagery that speaks to your unique capabilities.

The visual aspects of your booth should communicate the core elements of your brand. Use your design to let attendees know who you are and what you do. This helps bring your target audience to you.

Make It Interactive

Trade show marketing has evolved, becoming an active endeavor that relies on lasting experiences. Product displays and service descriptions aren’t enough.  Even demo stations are decreasing in popularity if prospects can only stand at a distance and watch.

Give attendees more control over their experience. Touch screen tablets and kiosks are great tools for drawing people over and keeping them at your booth. Setting up options allows for the various ways people interact and learn.  At a recent show, an Exhibitus client featured a brightly lit 3D model represent of their warehouse product. Each model supported three types of engagement:

–  1 to One – self-driven, individual experiences

–  1 to Few – rep-led experiences for small groups

–  1 to Many – a formal presentation to communicate the brand story to large crowds

Be Strategic with Layout

While you may be tempted to use every possible inch of your space, think again. Cluttered and crowded booths will drive prospects away. Instead, maximize your booth space to be inviting and engaging. The elements of your exhibit should support your marketing message without being overwhelming to visitors. A touchscreen slideshow featuring your products works better than stuffing your horizontal space full of everything you make, not allowing for the personal interaction that attendees seek at trade shows.

Avoid putting a table between booth staff and trade show attendees. Everything should be set up in a way that invites them into your space.

Focus on Results

Exhibitus’ award-winning creative team works in tandem with the company’s Results Division to ensure the best in design with a powerful measurement strategy.  A great exhibit design delivers measurable results. Contact us to talk about how we can create a design with value for investment as the goal for moving your experiential program forward.