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3 Booth Trends for 2018 Shows

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3 Booth Trends for 2018 Shows

Interactive Visual Technology Trade Show Display Rentals | ExhibitusIt is no mystery that having an appealing booth is the key to executing a successful trade show, but many people make the mistake of sticking with the same engagement strategy year after year. Whether you are using a trade show booth rental or own a custom design, it is essential to stay progressive and up-to-date on how you connect with attendees.

Companies, technology and consumer desires evolve from year to year, and it is important to be informed of strategies that are being considered and adopted.  Here are three booth trends that could guide your 2018 trade show strategy.

Make the Most of Your Budget

Many companies love owning a custom trade show exhibit due to the freedom of use and customization opportunities. However, companies that are still developing their trade show presence, their brand messaging or have a limited budget may want to consider a custom rental.

Exhibit rental companies have gotten more flexible and easier to work with every year. This trend will continue into 2018 and can help companies maximize their trade show budget. You’ll see a much better ROI at your show with a well-designed rental than you would with a cheap custom design.

Be Tech-Forward

In 2017, technology was all over trade show floors, no matter the industry focus.  From touchscreen displays to Bluetooth integration to simple charging stations, the desire for technology is increasing. 2018 will undoubtedly be the most technologically-infused trade show year in history, but this doesn’t need to intimidate the less tech-savvy people.

Attendees don’t always need the flashiest, cutting-edge technology to be intrigued. Sometimes, a simple brand-relevant piece of tech is enough to keep them at your exhibit for a while and spark a conversation. And remember, the engagement objective should come before choosing the technology you will use. Having a piece of tech that is cool in your exhibit, but doesn’t reinforce your company’s message, is not going to help attendees remember you.

Don’t Lose the Hands-On Approach

Technology is imperative today, but don’t think you can substitute human interaction with lifeless screens. There is no piece of technology that is as effective at moving your product as a handshake and meaningful conversation. Your technology should aid you in building  relationships, not replace you entirely.

Additionally, having a well-trained staff can be the difference in gaining or losing thousands of dollars in potential business. Don’t take shortcuts when it comes to training your show staff. Be sure they know professional etiquette and are experts in your brand’s story. Trade show attendees will see hundreds of booths and be able to tell whether your employees are sincere or just working on the fly.

Going into your next trade show season, stay one step ahead of your competitor by considering these trends. Be efficient, modern and personal, and watch your trade show success grow in the year to follow. If you have any further questions or need help with a custom display or rental, Exhibitus would love to be a part of your success. Contact us today to get started.