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Trade Shows Every Agricultural Company Should Attend

Trade Show Design Agricultural Land | ExhibitusOffering a great product or service is the first step toward success for an agricultural company. Next, you need to get your company and offerings in front of potential customers with a unique trade show booth design.

However, not all trade shows are created equal. Do you know which shows are best for an agricultural company? If not, you could find you’re not maximizing your time and money and miss your target audience.  Here are five great trade shows you might want to consider.

Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show (MANTS)

MANTS, also known as “The Masterpiece of Trade Shows,” is entering its 48th year as one of the largest trade shows on the east coast. Exhibitors presenting plants, light and heavy hardware, furniture, and other outdoor products come together at the Baltimore Convention Center.

One great aspect of  this show is that you can do more than just sell. Bring a trustworthy team with you and explore partnership opportunities on the floor. The top agricultural providers, as well as promising startups, will be looking to expand their networks.  Leave this show with new partnerships, as well as new customers.

New England Food Show (NEFS)

NEFS is the premier gathering for hundreds of restaurant and food service professionals in the New England area. This event includes industries like Agriculture & Forestry, Meat, Poultry & Seafood, Food & Beverage, Tea & Coffee, and Wine & Spirits.

NEFS helps suppliers find new opportunities and make important connections with potential buyers. There are over 33,000 restaurants in the New England area, grossing over $32B in sales. Eighty-six percent of NEFs attendees can influence purchasing at their respective companies.

Natural Product Expo West (NPEW)

Located in trendy Anaheim, California, NPEW is one of the top shows to present all-natural products. The 2017 show hosted over 80,000 attendees, 3,100 exhibiting companies and more than 500 first-time exhibitors.

This is the perfect event for seasoned and new companies looking to make their way into the natural product industry. It puts your brand in front of buyers looking for natural, organic healthy lifestyle products.  With the demand for healthy products increasing, this expo’s popularity grows every year.

Indoor Ag-Con

Located in the beautiful Las Vegas Convention Center, Indoor Ag-Con is an agricultural convention that focuses on progressing technologies in the industry. There are two conference stages with multiple keynote speakers discussing topics like indoor plant policy and LED lighting. The event is self-proclaimed as “crop-agnostic” meaning that experts will share the the most up-to-date research for improving yields and market success for a wide variety of crops, such produce, legal cannabis, insects and algae.

Amarillo Farm and Ranch Show

The Amarillo Farm and Ranch Show is in downtown Amarillo, Texas, the perfect destination for farm and ranch vendors. Whether you’re providing agricultural products or looking to lower your costs of fuel, hardware or other farming products, this expo has all the answers.  Join hundreds of companies that are taking advantage of this opportunity.

Don’t waste your time attending just any trade show. Get your company in front of the right prospects by exhibiting at these premier agricultural trade shows. If you need help with renting or building your trade show booth, or selecting the trade shows you should attend, Exhibitus is here to guide you every step of the way.  We’re an award-winning design company that wants to ensure you have the best chance of success at any trade show. Contact us today for more information!