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Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC) is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of water delivery, control and optimization solutions for residential and commercial plumbing applications, and is the top manufacturer in the world of push-to-connect (“PTC”) plumbing fittings.

For AHR 2019, a large, interactive exhibit design wall told the story of how the integration of the company’s brands deliver, control, optimize and solve a water delivery system. The wall consisted of LED lights and proximity sensors, demonstrating the flow of the system by mimicking the movement of water. As inflection points are reached, the lights change color to mark the various components required.

At the product line vignettes throughout the exhibit, RFID-enabled components activated a monitor to play a video describing the features and benefits of that particular brand.

Given the company’s products cannot be easily viewed because they are typically located behind a wall, Exhibitus designed RWC’s exhibit to give the illusion of appliance installations. Large acrylic panels were etched with the outline of various appliances so placement and the capabilities of RWC’s products could easily be viewed and explained. Blue lighting emphasized the etched outlines, giving a modern, innovative look to captured attendees’ attention as they approached the custom trade show exhibit.

For AHR 2019, the etched acrylic demonstrated the flow of the water through the system.

Exhibitus' Client Reliance Worldwide Corporation Wins Award at ASPE

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