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You need to know the status of your trade show elements at all times. That’s why we created our proprietary tool – Exhibitus Management System (EMS). 

EMS is a custom-designed, web-based application that manages all aspects of operations including CRM, ERP, estimating, inventory management, purchasing, and reporting. Through EMS, we guarantee that every aspect of client projects is recorded and accessible anytime, anywhere. 


Access to EMS gives our clients the peace of mind they need to keep track of every element of their trade show program. EMS offers the following:

  • Inventory management with photos (includes premium items and literature)
  • Automated inventory turnover for event wear
  • Real-time calendar
  • Capability to create property usage reports, including properties that have been discontinued
  • Documentation, including metrics and reporting

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Exhibitus clients can access EMS right on our website from the Client Login page. The Exhibitus team continuously uploads client properties, graphics, premiums and literature into the system. 

Trade show planners, exhibit managers, or sales representatives can log in, create a project, and select dates and properties as they need them. Clients can take advantage of complete program management and ordering for both small and large programs right from the dashboard.


We created this proprietary tool to help our clients save time and money, have convenient access 24/7, manage calendar conflicts, and assess inventory asset turnover.

However, our commitment and investment in this tool is what sets us apart. Inventory and exhibit management is a critical piece of our clients’ trade show programs, so EMS is key to growth and peace of mind for all!

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