Custom Island & Engagement

KNAPP provides all-in-one intralogistics solutions and automated storage systems. For Modex 2018, KNAPP switched from demonstrating large pieces of hardware in its exhibit to an interactive exhibit design integrating interactive, technology-based engagements detailing the value of the company’s offerings.

Presentations describing the company’s capabilities played on monitors in the booth and on three, 80-inch overhead screens built into the booth canopy where a presenter greeted attendees and introduced them to the demonstration areas. The first station focused on the “Knapp Story.” Four aspects of the company were represented by four icons displayed beside a large monitor. When an icon was touched, LED lighting traveled to the monitor where a short presentation of that aspect was initiated.

In the Red Pilot portion of the custom trade show exhibit, there were two transparent OLED monitors that appeared as clear glass before entering the area. Attendees could see that those on the inside were excited, but without a view from the outside, intrigue was created.

On the inside, content and images driven by an application running on both iPads and Smartphones, were displayed. This Red Pilot solution will be used by the company’s sales team after the trade show.

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