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Your Staff is Essential for Obtaining, Measuring & Reporting Great ROI on Your Events!

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Your Staff is Essential for Obtaining, Measuring & Reporting Great ROI on Your Events!


It is a demonstrated fact that a well-trained staff delivers higher event payback. Do you know they are essential to measuring and reporting your results as well?

To be effective, custom trade show exhibit and event staff must be clear on the company’s objectives for participating in a marketing event, what the measurable expected outcomes are and their role as a representative of the company in achieving these goals.

Measurement and reporting of an event require documenting as many visitors to the event or exhibit as possible, reporting on the number of engagements and meetings that occur, and documenting qualitative aspects of the event such as the quality of the marketing opportunity and competitive intelligence. Reporting tools and skills, for use before, during and after are essential.

For an event to be successful, the event staff must be capable of separating the highly-qualified prospects from the crowd. Once identified, the staff is the logical choice to count and document engagements with the important guests. In fact, the “extra-exhibit” activity for the more successful exhibitors is considerable and positively affects results.

Documenting the number of demonstrations, product reviews, in-booth discussions and meetings (both scheduled and spontaneous) is necessary for reporting on an event’s success. These activities build relationships and reduce the cost of doing business in a number of ways, including the cost of future sales calls. The better these activities are documented, the easier it is for event managers to estimate the potential cost savings to use as justification for event investment.

More formal meetings with high value contacts, i.e., those with a specific purpose or topic of discussion, are among the most valuable accomplishments of the marketing event. The sales team, executives and select others are in attendance and are in the best position to document the meeting and its results.

Documented meetings provided some of the greatest potential cost savings associated with an event. When practical, the “front of the house” or information desk staff at larger events can provide much of the meetings tracking. Technology, such as visitor meeting management software systems, mobile phone apps or tablet-based systems are making it easier for staff to provide data.

But, as with many of the tasks at an event, this doesn’t magically occur. Someone must be responsible for making it happen. Pre-event training, in person with key personnel or via online modules, is critical. On-site training prior to opening day is also strongly recommended.

Make activating and training your staff a priority. You will find that the data you gather to evaluate the results of your events will be a more accurate and credible.  And, your staff will be more confident, engaged and effective.  For assistance with developing your own method of staff training, contact Exhibitus’ Results Division today.