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Why Experiential Strategies Are Key to Success at Marketing Events

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Why Experiential Strategies Are Key to Success at Marketing Events

Experiential marketing continues to grow in popularity, and live events such as trade shows can be a prime opportunity for companies and brands to showcase their products and services in unique and engaging ways. The trade show landscape can be incredibly competitive, which may make it challenging to stand out and make a lasting impression on attendees and potential customers. By incorporating experiential marketing strategies into your trade show exhibit, you can create memorable, interactive experiences that attract visitors and make a lasting impact. Check out these trade show marketing examples for concrete ways experiential marketing can increase brand awareness, lead generation, and customer loyalty.

What Is Experiential Marketing & Why Is It So Effective?

Experiential marketing allows businesses to connect with their audience on a deeper level to create a lasting impression. This type of marketing is also known as engagement marketing and incorporates techniques that create an immersive and interactive customer experience.

Instead of simply promoting a product or service, experiential marketing engages customers on both a personal and emotional level to create lasting impressions. Experiential marketing offers a unique way of interacting with a brand or product by showcasing a brand’s personality, building awareness and competitive advantage.  An experiential marketing strategy goes beyond traditional marketing to target the five senses, exploring ways that customers can interact with products or services in innovative ways.

Unique and memorable experiences build brand loyalty by establishing personal connections. Experiential marketing can also generate buzz and increase social media engagement through shareable experiences.

Successful Examples of Experiential Engagements at Marketing Events

Check out these ten successful examples of experiential marketing at various marketing events around the country.

1.    Toshiba’s Touch Activated Sound & Visual Commerce Experience

The marketing strategy employed by Exhibitus for Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions at National Retail Federation (NRF) in 2017 involved an interactive and immersive experience to showcase Toshiba’s innovative retail solutions. This exhibit featured a fully functional mock retail environment and allowed attendees to experience various products first-hand.

See the Toshiba NRF custom exhibit by Exhibitus

2.    Escape the Zombies Through a Thrilling Escape Room

At the Future Farmers of America (FFA) exhibition, Exhibitus created an escape room with a scary “Zombie Cow” theme. Questions about AGCO and details about its products were the key to completing the puzzle and being able to“escape”the barn where Zombie Cows could attack at any minute.  This exhibit also incorporated interactive elements, including a touchscreen kiosk and a virtual reality experience of AGCO equipment in action.

See the AGCO custom exhibit by Exhibitus

3.    Simulated Flying Drone Experience

Exhibitus created a virtual reality experience that offered a birds-eye view of AT&T’s technology solutions. The immersive theater exhibit featured high-tech interactive elements along with a social media element, encouraging engagement and creating buzz around the exhibit.

See the AT&T custom exhibit by Exhibitus

4.    Touch and Feel How Products are Recycled

Exhibitus created an exhibit for Unifi where attendees could touch and feel how products get recycled. This exhibit included interactive elements with touchscreens to share Unifi’s innovative solutions for yarn and fiber. Along with educational content, the exhibit also featured a photo booth to encourage attendees to share their experiences on social media with branded hashtags.

See the Unifi custom exhibit by Exhibitus

5.    3D Medical Experience with Cartiva

To demonstrate significant amounts of data compiled by Cartiva’s research, Exhibitus built an interactive experience with light that traveled through etched acrylic to each data point, resulting in a growing data line.  At a busy medical conference, where static displays of product details reign, making the data intriguing grabs the attention of targeted attendees, creating an entry into successful engagement opportunities.

See the Cartiva custom exhibit by Exhibitus

Experiential Marketing Services at Your Fingertips

Exhibitus is an exhibit design agency that specializes in experiential marketing solutions, including strategy and design, fabrication, logistics, and analysis of results. View our portfolio to learn more about our end-to-end services and start creating with us today!